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Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

Support for small businesses wherever they are on their environmental path

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Legislative Report: 

The Sustainability and Business Support’s biennial report to the legislature is available now. You can view it on our Legislative Report webpage.

The report showcases the tools available to Wisconsin businesses wherever they are on their environmental path.

You will learn about our non-regulatory Small Business Environmental Assistance staff and how they help businesses start-up and expand. You will hear from business experts on how Enviro-Check helps customers evaluate their operations to manage compliance risks; and read testimonials from environmental leaders participating in the Green Tier program to go beyond compliance. You can read our business spotlights showing how our business partners have leveraged these non-regulatory tools.

Also highlighted are recent program enhancements and outreach efforts to improve the services we provide to support the state’s economic engine while ensuring a healthy and robust environment.

Confused by environmental regulations? Wondering where to go for help? You have landed in the right spot! Whether you are purchasing a new property, expanding your small business, or need help understanding how DNR’s rules apply, we have tools for you. Learn more about our free and confidential program by watching this video. Our tools can help you make sure you are doing the right thing for your business and the environment. Identifying, measuring and managing environmental impacts can bring tangible business value to businesses of all sizes. The tools are sorted by industry, specific processes and environmental topic. If you are not sure where to start, check out a summary of all DNR’s environmental programs (SB-003) [PDF].

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Contamination and spills


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