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Wisconsin's Great Lakes

Lake Michigan and Lake Superior

The Great Lakes hold one–fifth of the world's fresh water and Wisconsin's Lake Michigan and Lake Superior waters are critical for those who live along them and for the state's economy, environment and quality of life. The DNR's Office of Great Waters is charged with implementing a comprehensive program to protect the lakes, identify problems and solutions and serve as a contact point for the Great Lakes community in Wisconsin.

Areas of Concern

Learn about Wisconsin's five Areas of Concern (AOCs).

Special Report

This special report highlights the ongoing work to protect and restore Wisconsin’s Great Lakes.

Town of Port Wing Estuary Restoration

Visit our Great Lakes Restoration Initiative page to watch a new video about a Lake Superior restoration project.

Annual Photo Contest and Writing Project

Winning photographs and submitted writings are featured in the annual "Wisconsin's Great Waters" calendar.

St. Louis River Area of Concern Videos

Watch three new videos about Areas of Concern principals, highlighting projects in the St. Louis River AOC.

Explore Wisconsin's Beaches

We invite you to explore, enjoy and help protect and restore Wisconsin's beaches.