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Office of Great Waters Staff Contacts

Staff in the DNR's Office of Great Waters:

  • support the DNR role in the Great Lakes Commission, the Council of Great Lakes Governors and the International Joint Commission;
  • coordinate with state and federal agency Great Lakes programs such as the Dept. of Administration Coastal Zone Management, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant, University of Wisconsin-Extension and U.S. Geological Survey;
  • work with non-governmental organizations to protect the Great Lakes;
  • develop Lake Michigan and Lake Superior restoration and protection action agendas;
  • manage Great Lakes project funding.

Central Office contacts

Steve Galarneau

Kendra Axness
AOC and LAMP policy coordinator

Lori Buckley
Contracts specialist

Donalea Dinsmore
Quality assurance and funding coordinator

Jim Killian
Water and sediment resources management specialist

Melissa Lake
Program specialist

Madeline Magee
Monitoring and beach coordinator

Diane Packett
Data manager

Emily Punke
Grants coordinator

Susan Tesarik
Outreach specialist

Region contacts

Ellen Cooney
Lake Superior monitoring and sediment coordinator

Dara Fillmore
Lake Superior water resources management specialist

Brennan Dow
Milwaukee Estuary AOC coordinator
Sheboygan River AOC coordinator

Rebecca Fedak
Lake Michigan basin supervisor

Jim Fischer
Mississippi River team leader

Cherie Hagen
Lake Superior basin supervisor

Lacey Hill-Kastern
Lake Superior LAMP coordinator
Binational program coordinator

Stacy Hron
Lake Michigan LAMP coordinator

Brie Kupsky
Green Bay Program Coordinator

Rae-Ann MacLellan-Hurd
Lake Michigan monitoring and sediment coordinator

Mandy Mellinger
Lake Michigan water resources management specialist

Alex Selle
Aquatic invasive species response and pathway specialist for Lake Superior basin

Amanda Smith
Aquatic invasive species response and pathway specialist for northern Lake Michigan basin

Matt Steiger
St. Louis River AOC coordinator

David Grandmaison
St. Louis River wild rice and habitat coordinator

Patrick Siwula
Aquatic invasive species response and pathway specialist for southern Lake Michigan basin