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From the cobble beaches of Washington Island, to the gently rolling dunes of Sheboygan, to the soft, sandy beaches of our inland lakes and rivers, beaches are nature's nirvana. Wisconsin's beaches provide wildlife habitat, recreation areas and tourist destinations. Unfortunately, beaches are especially vulnerable to agricultural, urban and industrial land uses, and many of our beaches are showing the effects. We invite you to explore, enjoy and help protect and restore Wisconsin's beaches.

Beach Monitoring and Assessments

The DNR and local health officials monitor water at public beaches on a regular basis to protect public health.

Great Lakes Beach Maps

Looking for a beach to visit on Lake Michigan or Lake Superior? Check out county maps which identify beaches.

Wisconsin's Beach List

Public comments on the current year's beach list, including the risk-based rank, are welcome and accepted at any time.

Wisconsin's Great Lakes

Information about Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and how DNR works to protect and restore these critical resources.
Wisconsin's Great Lakes