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Protecting Wisconsin's Great Lakes

The Great Lakes contain 20 percent of the world's available fresh surface water supply. Great Lakes are critical to the health and welfare of all the Great Lakes states and especially for us here in Wisconsin.

The DNR – together with local communities, tribes, businesses, industry and non–governmental organizations – developed the Wisconsin's Great Lakes Strategy. This strategy details plans for addressing Lake Michigan's and Lake Superior's most pressing environmental issues. These issues include:

  • conserving Great Lakes water;
  • preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species;
  • protecting and restoring fish and wildlife habitat;
  • promoting beach health;
  • cleaning up contaminated sediments;
  • preventing runoff pollution;
  • eliminating the introduction of bio–accumulative toxins;
  • promoting sustainable use of the lakes and watersheds; and
  • improving the collection, recording and sharing of Great Lakes information.

Managing this vast ecosystem requires an extraordinary effort at international, national, regional, local, community and individual levels. We can all help protect our Great Lakes by:

To learn more, read the Wisconsin's Great Lakes Strategy overview brochure [PDF] or the full Wisconsin's Great Lakes Strategy [PDF].