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Wisconsin Ready for Reuse Loan and Grant Program

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The Ready for Reuse Program is on full display in La Crosse. Photo credit: City of La Crosse.

Ready for Reuse loans and grants are used for environmental cleanup of hazardous substances or petroleum at brownfields throughout Wisconsin.

The DNR has received $11.054 million in traditional EPA revolving loan funds (RLF) since 2004, which DNR administers through the Ready for Reuse Program.

Available funding

The Ready for Reuse Program has two different types of funding currently available.

  1. Hazardous substance loans and grants
  2. Petroleum loans and grants

Funding status and awards

Program fact sheets

Recovery Act brownfields funding

In 2009, the RR Program received $2 million in Recovery Act revolving loan funds (RLF) from EPA, which was used for brownfield cleanups as part of the DNR's Ready for Reuse Loan & Grant Program. The RR Program awarded eight grants totaling $1.8 million in two competitive rounds. Remaining grant funds were allocated to existing grant recipients, in order to cover additional costs. All of these grants are now closed.