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Publications and forms

Remediation and Redevelopment Program

The DNR's Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program has many useful publications and forms available online. You can locate these publications and forms using one of the search tools below:

  1. Keyword Search Tool - Use this function to search for publications and forms using words found in the document name or description. You can also search by topic, publication number or publication date.
  2. Full-Text Search Tool - Use this function to search text or phrases used in the content of the publication or form. (Documents with content that is scanned rather than electronic are not searchable with the Full-Text Search Tool.)

Search Tool Helpful Hints

Know exactly which document you’re looking for?
  • Use the keyword search tool to search by publication number or for part of the document title or description. (For better results, use part of the title rather than the full title.)
Have an idea of the document title you're looking for, but not exactly sure?
  • Use the keyword search tool. Enter one or two words from the title in the Document Name field. Keep in mind that the keyword must match exactly, so use the shortest phrase possible and avoid phrases you aren’t sure of.
    • For example, to find "Guidance on Case Closure and the Requirements for Managing Continuing Obligations," search "continuing obligations" in the Document Name field because it's an exact match of a part of the document's name. However, entering "requirements for continuing obligations" will NOT find the document because "managing" is missing from the phrase in the Document Name.
Know exactly the topic you're interested in but aren't exactly sure which document you're looking for?
  • Using the Keyword Search Tool, select one of the Search Topics from the dropdown list.
  • If the Search Topic doesn't provide adequate results, try searching by Document Description instead. The shorter the phrase, the better the results. For example, try "closure" instead of "closure process."
  • Enter terms using just one keyword field rather than multiple fields. The search uses "AND" logic, so each field you fill out further narrows the results because both fields must match the document information exactly.
    • For example, if selecting "CLOSURE" from the Search Topics does not provide sufficient results, set the Search Topics list back to blank (the first option in the list) and instead, type "closure" in the Document Description.
Can't find your document using the keyword search?
  • Use the Full-Text Search Tool to search for a word or exact phrase that you're confident appears in the document contents.
  • The Full-Text Search looks for an exact match of the phrase you provide somewhere in the document, including the title.
  • If you don't find your document, check for different verb forms or plurals that could be affecting your results. Using part of a word will affect your results.
    • For example, try searching for "abandon" instead of "abandoning" or "abandoned."
  • If you have trouble using OnBase's Full-Text Search Tool, try launching it in Chrome or Edge rather than Internet Explorer.


RR Program's forms are PDF files. Many are fillable PDFs which can be completed and submitted online. The fillable option only works with desktop versions of Internet Explorer 10 or higher (IE10+). If using a browser other than IE10+, right-click on the PDF to save the file to your computer and fill out the saved form using Adobe Reader. Fillable forms do not work on mobile devices. Please see the PDF Help page for more tips on using DNR's online and fillable PDF forms.

Mann-Kendall Spreadsheet

The RR Program has removed the Mann-Kendall spreadsheet from our website because we no longer endorse its use. For more information on why we removed the spreadsheet, read pages 36-38 in the Wisconsin Closure Protocol Study (RR-805) [PDF].