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Resources for private parties

When a business or home owner encounters contamination on their property, there are a number of ways DNR can assist them. The DNR's Remediation and Redevelopment Program can offer liability assistance, fee-based technical services, and point out financial resources which may be able to cover some of the investigation and cleanup costs.

Cleanup information

If you are unfamiliar with environmental response issues, a number of DNR publications are available to help clarify the basics of environmental contamination and the cleanup process. The Environmental cleanup and brownfields redevelopment topic also provides a wealth of information.

Real estate

When soil or groundwater contamination is discovered in a rural or urban area, one of the questions that homeowners may raise is whether such information will impact the market value of their property and if so, to what extent. The DNR publication Environmental Contamination & Your Real Estate (RR-973) [PDF] discusses the basic impacts of environmental contamination on property values.

Liability assistance and fee-based technical services

For the most part, investigations and cleanups of contaminated soil and groundwater are conducted by private environmental consultants who are hired by the responsible party. These actions are then reviewed by DNR staff.

The RR Program can also provide extra review services and technical assistance, for a fee. Popular fee-based services include:

Financial resources

There are limited financial resources and tax incentives which can cover remediation costs. While some programs are only available to local governmental units, nonprofits and tribal groups, these financial resources should be investigated by private parties: