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BRRTS on the Web disclaimers

The following disclaimers relate to data in the Bureau for Remediation and Redevelopment Tracking System (BRRTS) on the web (BOTW) online database.

Data completeness

BRRTS on the Web provides an effective resource for locating information about NR 700 response action sites in Wisconsin. To request a review of detailed information within DNR records, please contact the DNR staff person listed near the bottom of the “Activity Details” page.

Sites not in BRRTS on the web

BOTW contains information about sites of which the DNR has been notified. Additionally, there are activities for which DNR has preliminary information including sites and properties without a confirmed discharge to the environment. These do not appear on BOTW until information has been confirmed.

Data sources

BOTW data comes from various sources both internal and external to the DNR. Much of the information has been supplied by property owners, environmental consultants and contractors. There may be omissions and errors in the data.

Data quality

The DNR strives to keep BOTW current, but information is subject to change. For example, many remediation sites may have changed ownership several times since a discharge was reported, but the original owner or responsible party may still be listed. If you see data quality or completeness issues, please inform one of our RR Environmental Program Associates (EPA).

Public land survey system (PLSS)

The DNR uses Geographic Information System (GIS) to update PLSS locations originally provided by property owners, consultants and contractors that appear incorrect. The PLSS data in BOTW may not always match the PLSS data found in the file reports. The DNR has not corrected the PLSS locations found under the activity type of “Spills."

For information on the activity types and their inclusiveness, please refer to the BRRTS on the Web Glossary.