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Outdoor Skills

Adventures and Memories

DNR outdoor skills, education and recreational safety programs provide great opportunities for students to gain hunting, trapping and fishing skills and knowledge of natural resource management. Instructors and teachers introduce students to Wisconsin's outdoor heritage and help them develop conservation ethics to ensure Wisconsin's natural resources remain sustainable for generations to come.


Find a Shooting Range


Shooting ranges promote hunting, shooting sports and hunter safety. Providing the public with accessible, environmentally friendly and safe public shooting ranges to shoot and sight-in rifles and handguns is an important Wisconsin DNR objective.





Hunt for Food


Learn to Hunt for Food courses include multiple class periods. During that time, students are introduced to conservation in North America, learn about hunting and conservation and study the biology and life history of species. Students also get hands-on experience shooting, and learn how to properly handle firearms.





Fishing for Dinner


The Fishing for Dinner Initiative is an angler recruitment, retention and reactivation program - R3; its primary goal is to lure a new anglers to the water's edge and encourage them to join us as stewards of Wisconsin's bountiful fisheries. The focus is on young adults who have an interest in local, sustainably-raised food – we hope they will consider the fish they catch as part of a healthy diet.





Wisconsin Wingshooting


Hunting is a tradition that runs deep within Wisconsin. Promoting and training safe and responsible hunting is an integral part of the overall DNR mission. To help meet this mission the DNR has developed a one-day workshop called Wisconsin Wingshooting.






Become a Mentor


Volunteer mentors are the key to having successful educational programs. Serving as a mentor can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your hunting career. The old saying goes, "it takes a hunter to make a hunter." This means that it's challenging to learn how to hunt and fish without help.





Get your license now


Log in to Go Wild to purchase Wisconsin fishing, hunting or trapping authorities, or for online registration service for boats, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, or off-highway motorcycles.






R3 (Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation)


Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation is an important issue for anyone concerned about wildlife management, conservation and the future of Wisconsin's outdoor heritage.

Learn about Wisconsin R3 efforts.



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Contact information
For information about DNR outdoor skills programs, contact:
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