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Public shooting range locations in Wisconsin

Locations, design and rules

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The information shown on these maps has been obtained from various sources. The content on the map is of varying age, reliability and resolution. These maps are not intended to be used for navigation, nor are these maps an authoritative source of information about legal land ownership or public access. When referencing the map, confirm the ownership of land through other means in order to avoid trespassing. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, applicability for a particular use, completeness or legality of the information depicted on this map.

Rules At DNR-Owned Ranges

In July 2017, the legislature approved statewide range rules to ensure safety and provide consistency across state-owned ranges. These rules are also summarized on signs posted at DNR-owned ranges. Please read and understand the rules below and check at the range for any specific to that particular location.

NR 45.095 Shooting ranges.

  1. GENERAL RANGE RULES. No person at a shooting range may:
    1. Handle a weapon in a negligent or reckless manner.
    2. Discharge any weapon on the range while any part of a person is downrange of the firing line.
    3. Point any weapon in use at the designated firing line in any direction other than downrange.
    4. Fail to comply with a cease-fire order called by the range officer or any other person
    5. Fail to make reasonable efforts to ensure all discharged projectiles impact the backstop.
    6. Leave any loaded weapon unattended at any time.
    7. Shoot at targets that are not placed in the designated target area or affixed to target stands, if provided, unless the person is sighting or patterning a shotgun with size T or smaller shot.
    8. Shoot at items placed on the ground or at targets not posted at the designated height, unless the person is sighting or patterning a shotgun with size T or smaller shot.
    9. Unless otherwise posted at the range, shoot during the period beginning at sunset and ending at sunrise.
    10. Shoot, or attempt to shoot structures or objects that are not designated targets, or that are outside designated firing lanes.
    11. Shoot at archery targets with anything other than a bow or crossbow.
    12. Use any weapons or projectiles that discharge paint.
    13. Use incendiary, exploding, glass or other breakable materials as targets.
    14. Fail to properly dispose of targets other than clay targets used on an established shotgun shooting range.
    15. Fail to collect and properly remove or dispose of all spent shell casings and cartridges, live ammunition, targets, arrows, bolts and materials brought onto the range.
    16. While shooting at a shooting range, possess or consume an intoxicant or other restricted controlled substance
  2. In addition to being subject to the penalties set forth in s. 27.98, Wis. Stats., a person who violates any provision in this section may be evicted from the shooting range pursuant to s. NR 45.04 (3) (b).
  3. This section does not apply to training activities conducted by a law enforcement agency.