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Hunter R3 (Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation) Grant Program

Formerly known as the Hunter Recruitment, Development, Training and Education Grant Program

In order to focus hunter training, development and education programs on adults, females and families, DNR has developed this new grant opportunity. There is a great need for strategically developed, tested programs and results on which to base future program priorities. The Hunter Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3) Grant program will also focus on developing and pilot testing various programs and evaluating the effectiveness of those programs.

The primary purpose of the Hunter Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3) grant program is to provide cost-sharing grants to local clubs, organizations, communities, governments, Wisconsin tribes, colleges, universities and technical schools to ensure the education, training and development of safe and ethical hunters and mentors. 

This grant program is administered as a reimbursement program. This means you must incur and pay all costs associated with the project before seeking reimbursement from DNR. No grant advances are possible. It is possible for grantees to request partial (quarterly) reimbursements of the WDNR during the life of the project. Please see the under Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3) Grant Program Guidance and Application Instructions.

Applicants must have a Unique Entity ID (UEI) number instead of a DUNS number to apply. A UEI number can be obtained by going to

Who can apply

Eligible applicants

  • Wisconsin counties, towns, villages, and cities
  • Wisconsin Universities, Colleges and Technical Schools
  • Other Wisconsin governmental units, as defined in s. 66.299, Wis. Stats.
  • Wisconsin Tribes
  • Wisconsin School Districts
  • Most if not all, conservation organizations (i.e., local rod and gun clubs, sporting organizations, local chapters, and national organizations)
  • Individuals

Eligible items

Eligible items

  • Salaries, wages, and benefits for employees
  • Consultation services
  • Purchased services (i.e., printing, mailing, room rental)
  • Other purchased services (i.e., Surveys)
  • Supplies
  • Equipment: If you are purchasing equipment for the project, using equipment you already own or accepting donations of equipment use, please consult with Hunter Education and Shooting Sports grant manager for information on the equipment depreciation and hourly use policy.
  • Hourly equipment rental charges
  • Other: List costs that are needed to implement the project but are not captured in the items above


Yearly application deadline: September 15

If you are having problems opening forms, please visit our PDF Help page.

Reimbursement materials

NOTE: All costs incurred must include copies of invoices and proofs of payment. Donated Professional Services and materials shall be determined by market value and be established by an invoice.


Grant related statutes and administrative codes


Contact information

For more information on Hunter R3 (Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation) grants, including application forms and instructions, please contact:
Emily Iehl
Hunting & Shooting Sports Coordinator
Sarah Brenner
Program Grant Manager