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The WCC's learn to hunt bear harvest permit

Wisconsin Conservation Congress

Beginning in 2005, the Wisconsin DNR began offering Learn to Hunt Bear opportunities. The Learn to Hunt Bear Program (LTHB) is an opportunity to expose novice hunters to the hunting experience and recruit new hunters into the sport. The Conservation Congress is one of the statewide conservation organizations that are specifically issued a bear harvest tag through the LTH Bear Program. Each year the Wisconsin Conservation Congress is awarded a tag with the express intent of awarding it to a deserving individual with the desire and interest in learning more about hunting bear.

How do I apply?

Each spring the Conservation Congress accepts applications from novice hunters interested in participating in the LTH Bear Program. Applicants must fill out and submit an application along with a brief essay describing why they would like to be considered to receive the bear harvest tag and why they would like the opportunity to hunt bear.

2024 Application for the WCC LTHB harvest permit

Year LTHB tag recipient
2019 Isaac Beenders
2018 Kelly "Reagan" Moritz
2017 Gavin Wright
2016 Kendalyn Hoyt
2015 Caleb Olson
2014 Hunter Harris
2013 Taylor Wondra
2012 Tristan DeBell
2011 Sarah Jane Hohn
2010 Hunter Paplham
2009 Jackson Humphries

Please note: Learn to Hunt Bear events are open to anyone who is 10 years old or older, who has not previously participated in a Learn to Hunt event for the species being hunted. A hunter may not participate in a Learn to Hunt event if they received an approval authorizing hunting in any prior license year, including a Class B bear license, for the species being pursued in the specific Learn to Hunt event they desire to attend. No hunter education certification is required.