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Wisconsin Conservation Congress

The State Conservation Commission (the predecessor of the Natural Resources Board) created the Conservation Congress in 1934. The purpose was to provide Wisconsin citizens with a local avenue for input and exchange concerning conservation issues. Prior to 1937, all fees, seasons, bag limits and regulations were established by the State Legislature.

In 1972, Governor Patrick Lucey signed legislation that legally recognized the Conservation Congress (Statute 15.348), to ensure that citizens would have a liaison between the Natural Resources Board and the Department of Natural Resources.

Conservation Congress: The conservation congress shall be an independent organization of citizens of the state and shall serve in an advisory capacity to the natural resources board on all matters under the jurisdiction of the board. Its records, budgets, studies and surveys shall be kept and established in conjunction with the department of natural resources. Its reports shall be an independent advisory opinion of such congress (s. 15.348, Wis. Stats.).