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Sporting Heritage Council

Teaching to fish

The Sporting Heritage Council was created in 2011 via the passage of Wisconsin Act 168. The council advises the Governor, the Natural Resources Board and the state legislature on fishing, hunting and trapping issues.

The council consists of 12 appointees with three-year terms and focuses on the recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) of anglers, hunters and trappers. It strives to increase access to resources and outdoor opportunities for all Wisconsin residents and visitors.


ACT 168 states that the council shall find ways to:

  1. Improve the recruitment and retention of hunters, trappers and anglers.
  2. Improve the management and protection of the natural resources of Wisconsin for hunting, trapping, fishing, and other types of outdoor recreation activities.
  3. Encourage youth to participate in outdoor recreation activities, including ways to implement outdoor recreation programs for youth.
  4. Improve access to public and private land for hunting, trapping, fishing and other types of outdoor recreation activities.
  5. Improve public access to lakes.
  6. Increase the availability of public shooting ranges.


Hunter portrait

Our vision is to enhance recreational opportunities, sound conservation practices and purposeful inclusion of all people, resulting in greater recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunters, anglers, trappers, target shooters and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Get involved in your sporting heritage

Become a volunteer skills instructor.

Pass on your knowledge and passions for the outdoors by getting certified as an Angler R3 or Hunter R3 instructor or mentor. Sign up for train-the-trainer workshops when one is scheduled in your area. None scheduled in your area? Invite coordinators to schedule a workshop and then help recruit others to attend the training.

Interested in a specific species?

Contact the council chair or member whose focus is that species.

  • Join a hunting or fishing club. You could be the catalyst to start a new conversation about conservation.
  • Volunteer at a work party to restore a habitat or a trail.

Meeting information

Meetings are generally scheduled for the second Tuesday of even-numbered months. Time will typically be 6 – 8 p.m. The council will occasionally meet at other times to review specific field projects. Notice will be given in advance in those instances.

Next meeting:

  • Check back here for the date of the next meeting. The council is currently determining the date of their next meeting.


Agendas and Meeting Materials by Year

August 23

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June 7

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December 14

October 12

August 10

June 8

February 9


April 17


October 4


September 21

February 15


September 30

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October 24

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July 12

April 26

Council Members

Voting Members

Except for the council chair, the Sporting Heritage Council members are appointed for 3-year terms, which may be renewed.

Email to council members: Please send emails intended for the entire council to the council chair, who will forward them to council members for their consideration. If you are interested in or concerned about a specific issue, contact the individual council member who focuses on that topic.

Position Committee Member Appointment Start Date Appointment End Date
Sporting Heritage Council Chair Scott Loomans, DNR policy initiatives advisor
Governor's Appointee Reggie Hayes, Milwaukee
10/28/2019 10/28/2022
WCC Representative Jessica Tomaszewski, Stevens Point
2408 Ellis Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481
8/5/2022 8/5/2025
Angler Representative Robert Haase, Eldorado
6/5/2018 6/5/2021
Bear Hunting Representative Bill Tollard, Omro
2/26/2020 2/26/2023
Deer Hunting Representative Liz Baker, La Valle
6/24/2020 6/24/2023
Furbearer Hunting/Trapping Representative Scott Zimmerman, Reeseville
W9209 Bobolink RD
Reeseville WI 53579
2/26/2020 2/26/2023
Bird Hunting Representative Mark Labarbera, Hazel Green
6/24/2020 6/24/2023
Senate Representative (Democrat) Sen. Bob Wirch, D-Somers, District 22
7/1/2012 3/15/2023
Senate Representative (Republican) Sen. Rob Stafsholt, R-New Richmond, District 10
3/15/2021 3/15/2023
Assembly Representative (Democrat) Rep. Katrina Shankland, D-Stevens Point, District 71
2/21/2023 2/21/2026
Assembly Representative (Republican) Vacant

DNR Staff and Partners

Position Name Title Email Phone
DNR Staff Robert (Bob) Nack R3 Supervisor Desk: 608-264-6137
Cell: 608-617-3492
DNR Staff Theresa Stabo Angler R3 Coordinator 608-577-6332
DNR Staff Emily Iehl Hunting & Shooting Sports R3 Coordinator 608-445-8168
DNR Partner John Motoviloff R3 Coordinator, Pheasants Forever 608-640-6956
Council Policies

Sporting Heritage Council FAQ

What is R3?

R3 refers to recruiting, retaining and reactivating hunters, anglers, trappers and shooting sports participants. Reacting to declines or impending declines in participation, Wisconsin DNR developed a strategic plan and is implementing actions that result in cultivating new hunters, anglers and trappers and keeping them in the fold.

R3 Grants

R3 Grants are available to help organizations be part of the solution to keep Wisconsin residents and visitors engaged in these outdoor pursuits: angling, hunting and shooting range development.

Learn More - History, Annual Reports, Research