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Get Ready to Hunt!

Welcome to Wisconsin's online deer camp — your one-stop shop to get out and hunt this season. Whether you're a new hunter going out for the first time or returning for another exciting hunt, we've got everything you need to get started. Find season dates, public land maps, safety tips, hunting licenses and more right here. Set your sights on a thrilling adventure —go wild in Wisconsin and get out and hunt!

Purchase a Hunting License

New Hunters

Hunter Education and Safety

Enrolling in hunter safety is easy and required for all new hunters. Gain the knowledge and skill to be a safe hunter.
Hunter Education and Safety

First-time Buyer Discount on Licenses

Great news! Wisconsin gives first-timers a price break on hunting fun when you purchase your first hunting license.
First-time Buyer Discount on Licenses

Returning Hunters

Brush Up on Your Safety

Safety is always our #1 target when hunting. Get a refresh on some simple safety tips to ensure a successful hunt.
Brush Up on Your Safety

Wanna be a Mentor?

Share your passion for the outdoors and help grow the sport you love by mentoring a first-time hunter.
Wanna be a Mentor?

What You Need to Go Wild in Wisconsin

Season Dates

Where to Hunt

Hunting Hours and Regulations

Shooting hours can vary from zone to zone. Find out how to stay legal and safe when hunting this season.

Hunting With Youth

Take advantage of special hunting weekends just for young hunters to enjoy and gain valuable hunting experience.

Armed Forces Hunting Privileges

Wisconsin extends hunting perks to active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Wisconsin National Guard or Reserves.

Bag A Deer?

Congratulations on a successful hunt! From all of us at Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources, we thank you for participating this season and contributing to conserving our state's remarkable landscape by making a gun deer license purchase.

Now that the hunt is over, remember to:

  1. Learn how to dress your deer.
    Properly field dressing your deer is an essential first step in preserving the meat and preventing the occurrence of disease-causing bacteria.
  2. Register your deer.
    Validate your accomplishment by registering your deer by 5 p.m. the day after harvest by phone at 1-844-426-3734 or online via the GameReg Harvest Report. This is required for all hunters.
  3. Properly dispose of deer carcasses.
    Be a responsible hunter by properly disposing of the carcass at one of the waste disposal sites near you that accept deer carcasses or in a dumpster designed for deer carcass waste.
  1. Get your deer tested.
    We recommend getting your deer tested for Chronic Wasting Disease. Until you have the results, don't eat or donate the meat. If the results come back positive, you are eligible for a replacement harvest authorization for another deer.
  2. Share the harvest with families in need.
    Consider donating your harvest to community members in need through Wisconsin's Deer Donation Program if you find your freezer is already full.
  3. Celebrate your first deer.
    Commemorate the first of many memorable moments of hunting. Request a free First Harvest or First Experience certificate today.