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Youth hunts

Special seasons just for kids to enjoy

Special youth hunting weekends for wild turkey, white-tailed deer and waterfowl allow youngsters to hunt and gain valuable experience without competing against adults. These youth hunting events are scheduled one weekend prior to the normal hunting season and are open to residents and non-residents 15 years of age and younger.

All youth hunters need to have successfully completed a Hunter Education Program or be participating in the Mentored Hunt Program. Hunters must hold the required valid licenses, stamps and permits/harvest authorizations for the species they wish to pursue. An adult 18 years of age or older must accompany the youth hunter. An adult cannot accompany more than two youth hunters at one time.

Youth Hunt Weekends

Spring Turkey Youth Hunt

A spring turkey license, stamp and valid harvest authorization are required. Youths can hunt regardless of what time period their permit is issued for, but may only hunt in the Turkey Management Zone designated on their harvest authorization. The bag limit is one male or bearded turkey per harvest authorization during this two-day youth hunt. All other hunting regulations apply.

Youth Deer Hunt

Youth hunters may hunt deer with a gun in all Deer Management Units except state park and non-quota units. A gun deer hunting license is required if hunting with a firearm. The bag limit is one buck per gun buck deer harvest authorization, plus additional antlerless deer per antlerless deer harvest authorization valid for the Deer Management Unit the youth hunter will be hunting. Youth hunters that possess an archer or crossbow license may continue to hunt with a bow or crossbow during the archery/crossbow season, which runs concurrently with the youth gun deer hunt. All other hunting regulations apply.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

Season dates are finalized after a period of public input. A final ruling on the waterfowl season happens in early August by the Natural Resources Board.

All license and stamp requirements are waived for eligible youth duck hunters on these two days. We expect the duck bag limit to be the same as the regular season. Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration is required of all youth hunters. To harvest a Canada goose, the youth must possess a Canada goose harvest permit for the zone he/she is hunting in. All other hunting regulations apply.