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Urban Forestry Assessment (WisUFA) Program Resources

The following resources are split between the state and national levels.

Wisconsin resources

Check out the Wisconsin Community Tree Map and the WisUFA program factsheet [PDF] for additional information.

National resources

  • Austin's Urban Forest, 2014 [exit DNR]
    An analysis of the structure, function and benefits of the urban forest of Austin, Texas using the USFS Urban Forestry Inventory & Analysis (UFIA) protocols for data gathering and analysis along with i-Tree models. This is the first report of its kind.
  • i-Tree [exit DNR]
    State-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service that provides urban and rural forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools.
  • National Tree Benefits Calculator [exit DNR]
    A tool that allows anyone to estimate the economic and environmental benefits of individual street-side trees based on location, species and tree size.
  • My City's Trees [exit DNR]
    An application that enables anyone to access Urban FIA data and produce custom analyses and reports. Currently, My City's Trees includes data for Austin, Texas.
  • USFS Urban and Community Forestry Program [exit DNR] – homepage for the Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) cooperative program of the U.S. Forest Service that focuses on the stewardship of urban natural resources.
  • USFS Urban FIA Program [exit DNR]
    Homepage for the USFS UFIA program which houses many resources of UFIA including field guides, implementation maps, FAQ documents, etc.