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Badger State Trail

Trail map [PDF]


Stewart Tunnel closed until further notice:
Sections of loose and falling rocks from the ceiling and side walls inside the Stewart Tunnel on the Badger State Trail caused the DNR to close the tunnel in 2019 for safety concerns. The tunnel remains closed today. Tunnel Road provides a temporary detour for users to go around the tunnel. $6.6 million is included in the Governor’s 2023-25 Biennial Budget for repairing and re-opening the Stewart Tunnel. The DNR will initiate the project in fall 2023 for Department of Administration (DOA) approval and management (all capital development projects over $50,000 are managed by DOA). The tunnel project will proceed with repairs consistent with the scope of work described as Alternative 4 – Corrugated Metal Pipe Lining in the Stewart Tunnel Alternatives Analysis Report