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Pine and Popple Wild Rivers

The Pine and Popple Wild Rivers alternate from quiet sections that meander lazily through lowland forest to swift, rocky riffles, low rapids and waterfalls. These rivers offer high-quality paddling and fishing in a secluded, natural environment.

The lakes, rivers and lands of the Pine and Popple Wild Rivers project are popular for multiple uses, including canoeing, kayaking, tubing, sightseeing, fishing, hunting, camping, berry picking, photography, bird watching and other outdoor recreation activities. All publicly owned lands are open for these uses. The rivers' greatest attractions are the miles of undeveloped river that allows everyone a chance to find their own special place. 


Camping along the Pine and Popple Wild Rivers 

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking along the Pine and Popple Wild Rivers


Fishing along the Pine and Popple Wild Rivers


The Pine and Popple Wild Rivers have eight named waterfalls, with the Pine River's Breakwater Falls being the tallest at about 60 feet. La Salle Falls also on the Pine River is 22 feet high and the most visited of the waterfalls. Most waterfalls are accessible by foot from, either town or county forest roads. A guide pamphlet [exit DNR] [PDF] dealing specifically with waterfalls in Florence County has been developed by the Florence County Forestry and Parks Department and is available at the Florence Natural Resource and Wild Rivers Interpretive Center [exit DNR].

Little Bull Falls, Big Bull Falls, Washburn Falls and Jennings Falls are located on the Popple River. Breakwater Falls, Meyers Falls, Bull Falls and La Salle Falls are located on the Pine River.

Neighboring lands 

The private property in the Wild Rivers Legacy Forest is under a conservation easement, open to the public for recreational uses including hiking, hunting and fishing. Certain trails and roads across both public and private property are open for vehicle access, snowmobile and all-terrain vehicles as posted.

The We Energies lands are also open to the public, except for the areas near the dam and power generating facilities, which are closed for public safety and security reasons.