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Basic Information

Pine and Popple Wild Rivers

Location and Directions

The Pine and Popple Wild Rivers designation is located in southern Florence County in far northeastern Wisconsin. Access from the south is via either U.S. Highway 41 or 141 or State Highway 101; access from the west is via U.S. Highway 8 or State Highway 70. The property office is located in Florence.

Many access sites on the upper Pine River are unimproved and do not offer off-road parking. Many gravel roads, like the Goodman Grade, are marginally improved or are unimproved and poorly marked. A four-wheel drive vehicle, truck or other vehicle with high ground clearance is needed. Note: There is no bridge on the Goodman Grade at either the Pine River or Popple River.


The property is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Explore the Area

Florence County Tourism [exit DNR]

The Florence Natural Resource and Wild Rivers Interpretive Center [exit DNR]

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