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Deer hunting for hunters with disabilities

The outdoors is a part of the foundation of Wisconsin culture, and that rings true for sportsmen and women of every background, regardless of physical ability afield. Considering this, the department provides a variety of hunting, fishing and recreational permits designed to help give people with disabilities the opportunity to partake in Wisconsin’s abundant natural resources.

October Hunt for Hunters With Disabilities

disabled deer hunt

Thanks to generous landowners willing to sponsor hunters with disabilities on their land, the Wisconsin deer hunting tradition is stronger than ever. Hunters wishing to participate and landowners wishing to sponsor hunters on their property can learn more below. For those that are interested in learning about other outdoor opportunities for people with disabilities visit Open the Outdoors.

The 2021 Gun Deer Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities will occur Oct. 2-10, 2021

The application period to host hunters with disabilities is now open.  You can sign up to host hunters with disabilities at your property.

  • Information for sponsors

Landowners who are interested in sponsoring a Gun Deer Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities are required to allow the opportunity for at least three qualified hunters to participate on the property. Sponsors are encouraged to keep the hunter density to at least one hunter per 20 acres of land. Lands that have fewer than three participants enrolled or less than 60 acres will be approved by the department on a case-by-case basis.

The deadline to submit an application to sponsor a hunt is June 1. Sponsor contact information will be published online for hunters to call and reserve locations directly with the landowner.

Sponsors must submit a list of participating hunters no later than September 1.

  • Information for hunters

Hunters must possess a valid Class A, C, D, or long-term Class B, shoot from a stationary vehicle, Disability Hunting Permit to be eligible to participate in the gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities.

Hunters with one of the above permits should contact a sponsoring landowner, before September 1, to participate in the current year's gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities.

Using Your Class A and C Permits During Other Deer Seasons

  • May use their gun buck deer harvest authorization to take a buck statewide during any firearm deer season, including antlerless-only seasons.
  • During the regular seasons, may use one Farmland (Zone 2) antlerless deer harvest authorization issued with their gun deer license or their archer/crossbow license to take an antlerless deer in any unit statewide. If the disabled hunter purchased both a gun and archer/crossbow license or a patron license, they may use two of their Farmland (Zone 2) antlerless deer harvest authorizations in any unit statewide. Antlerless deer harvest authorizations are land type-specific, but not weapon- or season-specific.