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Antlerless deer harvest authorization availability 2021

Customers interested in purchasing a deer hunting license may do now through their Go Wild account or through a license agent.

Bonus antlerless harvest authorizations

Beginning August 16, 2021, bonus antlerless harvest authorizations will be available for purchase.

Available Bonus Antlerless Deer Harvest Authorizations, may be purchased by:

Sales begin at 10 a.m. each day.

  • August 16-Forest Zones (Northern and Central)
  • August 17-Central Farmland Zone
  • August 18-Southern Farmland Zone
  • August 19-All zones available. Harvest Authorizations can be purchased until sold out or the season ends.

Bonus harvest authorizations are $5.00 for any person under age 12, $12.00 for residents and $20.00 for nonresidents.

Where available, bonus antlerless harvest authorizations may be purchased at the rate of one harvest authorization, per person, per day until the unit is sold out or the hunting season ends. Although harvest authorizations will not be weapon or season specific, they will be unit and land-type (public or private) specific.

At purchase, you will be asked to identify the deer management zone and unit and whether you want the harvest authorization to be valid for public or private lands. In order to hunt antlerless deer on private lands enrolled in the Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law lands programs designated as open to public hunting as well as Voluntary Public Access lands, you must have a valid public land antlerless harvest authorization.