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CDAC member resources

Informational presentation for the 2021-2024 Objective and DMU Review Process

Note: To complete a fillable form online, download and save the blank form to your computer and then complete the form. You can save the form to your computer by clicking on the associated link and then selecting the download button on the top right of the screen (see image below). If you still experience issues, contact the assistant big game ecologist for assistance.

Image showing the "Download" button for PDF and Word Documents on the DNR webpage.
To download fillable forms, click on the "Download" button on the top right of the screen.

2021 CDAC member meetings

CDAC members meet annually to review deer metrics and harvest data, and to discuss CDAC governance, quota setting, and other topics related to deer management in their region.

2020 CDAC regional member meetings:

Due to COVID-19, most of the CDAC regional member meetings were canceled. However, some of the scheduled presentations were recorded for CDAC members to view. Watch those presentations here.

Meeting guidelines and management

General resources

2021-2023 Population Objectives

Click on the map to open a printable PDF.