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Fire Program Assessment

The Division of Forestry completed an assessment of the DNR fire program in early 2010. The purpose of the study was to determine how to allocate limited resources (staff and equipment) to best meet the mission of protecting life, property and natural resources from wildfire throughout Wisconsin. The assessment team was charged with the following objectives:

  • keep the health and safety of employees and general public as the top priority in all assessment considerations;
  • describe public and forest protection needs/risks in Wisconsin;
  • explain how public and forest protection needs can best be met if program funding were to remain the same, increase 10% and 20% and decrease 10% and 20%, considering the department’s role, role of partners and various resource allocations;
  • evaluate ways to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in the fire program, including utilization of new technology, use of resources (staffing standards), infrastructure and appropriate fire suppression equipment mix; and
  • identify any changes needed to current statutes, policies, agreements and operational procedures.

Assessment reports

View the Wildland Fire Management Program Assessment Final Report [PDF].

Work groups

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