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Division of Forestry's Strategic Direction

The Division of Forestry's Strategic Direction [PDF] is a 5-year strategic plan that guides our work from 2017 through 2022. The purpose of the document is to:

  1. describe the division of Forestry's niche within the broader forestry community in addressing priority issues; and
  2. clearly state our intent for how we plan to achieve those objectives in the next five years.

This is the division's second strategic plan, and much of what is presented here continues initiatives that we began five years ago or have done for many years. This reflects our belief that these functions have been—and remain—an appropriate and valued role for the division. There are also several significant changes outlined in the Strategic Direction to address the changing needs of the forestry community and citizens of Wisconsin.

Relationship to the Statewide Forest Action Plan

The major issues and threats affecting the forests of Wisconsin cannot be tackled by one group, organization or agency. The Statewide Forest Action Plan, finalized in 2010, is the 10-year strategic plan that guides the work of Wisconsin's forestry community. It includes multiple ideas on how the forestry community as a whole can address major issues and priority topics over the next 10 years. The Division of Forestry reviewed each strategy and possible action, assessed which actions we could play a role in and what our niche should be, and used this analysis to craft our Strategic Direction.