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Planning Resources

The following resources are frequently used when developing property master plans.

Ecological Landscapes book

The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin website contains the various chapters of the Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin book, which describes the 16 Ecological Landscapes that make up Wisconsin. The book identifies the best areas of the state to manage for different plants, animals and natural features, and provides information to assist management and planning decisions.

Recreation Opportunities Analysis

The Recreation Opportunities Analysis (ROA) report [PDF] describes the ROA, a study of existing outdoor-based recreation opportunities and future recreation needs throughout the state, including links to associated documents.

Wildlife Action Plan

The Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan website describes and provides resources associated with the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan, a comprehensive resource for the conservation of rare and declining species and their habitats in the state.

Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

The Wisconsin Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans (SCORP) website describes and provides links to SCORP documents, which periodically evaluate outdoor recreation trends and issues in Wisconsin and set forth ideas about recreation’s future role in the state.

Ice Age Trail Corridor Plans

The National Park Service leads the Ice Age Trail Corridor Planning Process. DNR is a participant in that process.

The following completed Ice Age Trail Corridor Plans do not establish project boundaries:

Other completed Ice Age Trail Corridor plans that establish project boundaries are available by visiting the Completed Plans page and searching "Ice Age Trail."

The Comprehensive Plan for Management and Use [PDF] (1983) provides guidance to cooperating public agencies and private trail interests on routing, developing and managing the trail. This plan is intended to provide a framework for the development and management of the trail and its immediate environs.

Natural Heritage Inventory reports

The Natural Heritage Inventory reports website provides links to biotic inventory and rapid ecological assessment reports, which contain baseline information on rare species, high-quality natural communities, significant aquatic features and overall ecology on DNR properties. These reports are used when developing property master plans.

Motorized Road Access Planning

The Motorized Road Access Planning web page provides information about road planning for DNR properties, including the DNR Road Inventory.

Explore Outdoors

The Explore Outdoors website allows users to search for recreational opportunities on DNR lands around the state.

Interim Forest Management Plans

The Interim Forest Management Plans website provides information about Interim Forest Management Plans (IFMPs), which guide timber management on properties that do not have NR44-compliant master plans. It also lists properties for which an IFMP is open for public comment.

Feasibility studies

The Feasibility studies website provides information about feasibility studies conducted to determine whether or not it is practicable for the department to establish, acquire, develop and manage a new property.

Wisconsin Land Legacy Report

At the request of the Natural Resources Board, the Department of Natural Resources undertook a study to assess the state’s protection needs for conservation and recreation lands over the next fifty years. The study focused on identifying what of our state or regionally-significant “green infrastructure” remains to be protected. This Wisconsin Land Legacy Report (2006) [PDF] summarizes the results of the study. The 229 Legacy Places presented range in size, the level of protection that has already been initiated, the amount that potentially remains to be completed, and their relative conservation and recreation significance. Collectively, they are the special places that “make Wisconsin Wisconsin.”