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Wisconsin Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan


Kohler-Andrae State Park


Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans (SCORPs) are intended to evaluate outdoor recreation supply, demand, trends and issues. They are used to set forth ideas about recreation's future role in the state and serve as the blueprint by providing broad guidance to governments at all levels, communities, businesses and organizations on recreation needs and opportunities.

States are required to complete SCORPs to be eligible for participation in the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) State Assistance Program. Describing the supply and demand for outdoor recreation in the state as well as describing the criteria and system to distribute LWCF funds are required components of the SCORP. States have the flexibility to incorporate other topics in their SCORP that will help provide a better understanding of the needs and priorities unique to their outdoor recreation resources.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund was enacted by Congress in 1965 "to strengthen the health and vitality of the citizens of the United States" through the acquisition and development of outdoor recreation resources and facilities. States are allocated funds as matching (50%) grants for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation sites and facilities.


Land and Water Conservation Fund Logo The preparation of Wisconsin SCORPs were financed in part through a planning grant from the National Park Service Land and Water Conservation Fund [exit DNR]

Current Plan

The department released the 2019-2023 SCORP in March of 2019.

Previous SCORP Plans