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Common Elements

There are many elements or components of master plans that are common to the majority of DNR properties, as well as standard practices for habitat and property management that apply broadly to the majority of situations addressed or described in master plans. To simplify the planning process and the resulting master plans, a set of web pages has been developed providing information on the common elements of the planning process and master plans (see below). Topics include habitat management prescriptions, general property management policies and procedures, real estate practices and development and maintenance of facilities to support various outdoor recreation activities.

Master plans developed for DNR properties will reference the information on these web pages rather than repeat it in each document. Each master plan will focus on describing and explaining any proposed management actions, recreational opportunities and anticipated impacts that are different from the common elements and standard practices described here.

Common Elements portal

Use the portal below to access Common Elements. The Common Elements documents have been divided into several different collections for ease of access.

There are four topic-specific collections. Click on each "tile" to access the collection.

  • General: This collection includes documents that describe general habitat and property management, master planning process¬†and real estate management.
  • Management Practices: This collection contains documents describing specific practices used to manage the different habitats on DNR lands.
  • Habitat Management: This collection contains documents describing the different habitats found on DNR lands and how they are managed.
  • Recreation Activities: This collection contains documents describing the different recreation activities available on DNR lands and the facilities that support them.

Below the four tiles is a Background and Supporting Documents collection, which includes definitions, references and other supporting information used during the planning process. Some documents found in the General collection are also found here. Click on the "View Collection" button to access the documents.

Below the Background collection is the full collection of all the Common Elements. Again, click on the "View Collection" button to access the documents.

Watch a video tutorial on how to navigate the Common Elements portal