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Natural Heritage Inventory training

Information for DNR staff and those seeking NHI license agreements

DNR employees

Staff within many DNR programs are responsible for screening various types of projects and activities for potential impacts on endangered resources. It is required that this screening be conducted for any action the department conducts, funds or approves on private or public lands with the potential for impacting lands, wetlands or waterbodies.

For example:

  • Do you issue DNR permits or grants?
  • Do you conduct on-the-ground management work for DNR properties?
  • Do you update or build new DNR facilities?
  • Do you use the NHI Portal?
  • Are you responsible for conducting, funding or approving any department action?

Any DNR staff who use NHI data in their work are required to take this training and remain up-to-date every five years per Manual Code 1753.1.

NHI Training Flyer
Review this training flyer for more information.

2023 DNR Training

  • A remote Microsoft Teams training will be offered on Tuesday, September 26th from 8:30 to noon.

On-demand Videos

This training option is watching a series of videos. The video training series is divided into several sessions and typically takes three hours to complete. Once you complete your training registration below you will receive links to access the training videos.


To get started, please email NHI Training Registration.

    Authorized users (non-DNR employees)

    Training is offered to individuals and organizations that have an NHI Data Sharing License. This training is intended to provide comprehensive information about the access, use, interpretation, application and security of the NHI data.

    In order to receive and maintain access to detailed NHI data, authorized users are required to take the online NHI training initially and retake it every five years. Potential trainees should initiate the NHI data-sharing license agreement process prior to registering for and taking the NHI training. For an individual to qualify as an authorized NHI data user, they must complete this training series and pass a 25-question multiple-choice/true-or-false exam.


    In order to register for the NHI Data Sharing License holder online training, please email the following information to NHI Training Registration:

    1. First and Last Name
    2. Job Title
    3. Organization
    4. Office Location (City, State)
    5. your reason for taking the training