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Grassland and Savanna Management

Broad Incidental Take Permit/Authorization

Barneveld Prairie State Natural Area
Barneveld Prairie State Natural Area, photo by Thomas Meyer, Wisconsin DNR.

The Broad Incidental Take Permit/Authorization (BITP/A) for grassland and savanna management, as provided for under s. 29.604, Wis. Stats. [exit DNR], allows for the incidental taking (mortality) of certain endangered and threatened species that may occur as a result of specific grassland and savanna management activities. These species are dependent upon management to set back natural succession, and although the disturbance may result in some mortality, take will be minimized by following protocols designed for each species.

An Incidental Take Permit/Authorization is typically issued on a project-by-project basis; however, a Broad Incidental Permit/Authorization was created for this situation so that neither an application nor a permit fee is required. An individual or organization covered by this permit or authorization is automatically covered. Additionally, an annual report is not required.

Important: Management activities are only covered if all of the permit and authorization criteria [PDF] are met.

Incidental take protocols for individual species

Below, you'll find documents for each of the species (plant species are grouped) covered under this BITP/A. The information contained in each document includes background information, habitat preferences, life history and management protocols for incidental take of that species.

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