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Information for private well owners

Private wells are wells that are not part of a public water supply. Private wells have fewer than 15 connections and serve fewer than 25 people. They are usually wells that serve a single home or farmhouse. Unlike public water systems, protection and maintenance of a private well is largely the responsibility of homeowners.

This page contains information and resources you need to have your private water supply correctly built and adequately protected.

Contact information for drilling & pump installing services
Test your private well
Your well’s water quality and possible water problems
Well records search
How deep is my well?
  • Go to the well records search and find the Well Construction Report for your well. The report will indicate the drillhole depth and the casing depth. If you cannot find a Well Construction Report for your well, you can hire a licensed well professional to inspect the water supply system and measure the well depth for you.
Buying/selling a home or property with a well and well inspections
Private well construction owner information
Well filling and sealing information (well abandonment)
Well compensation grants
Statutes and codes

Wisconsin Statutes

Private Well Codes

Other resources