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Village of Somers Water Diversion Application

The DNR received a straddling community diversion application from the village of Somers in February 2021. The village of Somers requests to divert up to 1.2 million gallons of water per day.

DNR review of the village of Somers straddling community diversion application will include a public hearing, a public comment period and a determination by the Wisconsin DNR whether or not the application meets the Great Lakes Compact requirements for a straddling community exception to the ban on diversions.

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Review Criteria

The requirements for a straddling community diversion application are identified in s. 281.346(4)(c), Wis. Stats. To be approved for a straddling community diversion application, the village of Somers must demonstrate the following.

  • Somers Water Utility is a public water supply system and the water diverted will be used for public water supply purposes.
  • All water will be returned to the Lake Michigan Basin less an allowance for consumptive use.
  • No water from outside the basin will be returned to the Lake Michigan basin, unless the water is combined in a wastewater treatment plant, the water will be treated to meet applicable permit requirements and prevent the introduction of invasive species and the proposal maximizes the return of Lake Michigan water and minimizes the return of Mississippi River Basin water.

The application must also identify:

  • whether the proposal will result in a new or increased withdrawal of Lake Michigan water; and
  • the new or increased consumptive use associated with the diversion.

Review Process

March 2021

DNR receives diversion application from the village of Somers, posts materials to website and reviews application for completeness.

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DNR issues public notice, holds public hearing and 30-day comment period on the village of Somers' application.

DNR reviews application for compliance with Great Lakes Compact criteria and Wisconsin statutes. DNR considers public comments in review.

DNR issues a response to comments and issues a final decision on the diversion application.