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Reporting water use

Registered withdrawers are required to measure or estimate the volume of water they withdraw every month and report that information annually to the DNR. Withdrawals may be reported by the property owner or by an authorized lessee, agent or operator of the source. Even if water is not withdrawn during the previous year, a withdrawal report is still required.

Reporting is required for:

  • all high capacity well properties;
  • permitted (Chapter 30, Wis. Stats.) surface water withdrawals;
  • properties with a Water Use Permit (in the Great Lakes Basin); and
  • any properties that withdrew an average of 100,000 gallons per day or more in any 30-day period.

The annual deadline for reporting is March 1.

Option 1: Report online

To report online, you need an active Wisconsin Access Management System Identification (WAMS ID), through Wisconsin's Department of Administration.

Log in to submit water use reporting. Help.

To create a WAMS ID, follow the self-registration and activation process. After activating your WAMS ID, you will be able to log in to the water use reporting system.

Create and activate a WAMS ID. Switchboard help.

Option 2: Report with paper forms

In early February, the DNR will mail paper reporting forms to property owners who have not reported online by that time. Alternatively, owners can print out blank forms [PDF] and mail them to Department of Natural Resources Water Use Section - DG/5 PO Box 7921, Madison WI 53707-7921. Contact Water Use Program staff for help filling in owner, property and source information on the blank forms.

Water use reporting forms and instructions


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