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City of New Berlin water diversion approval


  • In 2009, the DNR approved a maximum diversion amount of 2.142 million gallons per day averaged over a calendar year for the City of New Berlin.
  • The City will continue to return water to the Lake Michigan Basin via Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District resulting in no net loss of water from the Great Lakes Basin.
  • The approval was granted under the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact (Compact).
    • The compact banned diversions of Great Lakes water with a few exceptions.
    • One exception to the compact’s ban on diversions allows a “straddling community [exit DNR],” such as New Berlin, to apply for a diversion of Great Lakes water.
    • Diversions allowed under this exception must be used solely for public water supply [exit DNR] purposes in the community.

Application materials

Original application materials are available upon request.