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Completing eCMAR Forms

Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR)

The DNR's wastewater database (known as SWAMP) interfaces with the eCMAR form. Information you have submitted during the calendar year is automatically transferred from SWAMP into your eCMAR form. WPDES permits require submittal of discharge monitoring data to the department. The eCMAR form is available to you once all monitoring data from the previous calendar year has been entered into SWAMP. Each eCMAR will contain only those sections of the form applicable to your wastewater treatment system.

Role of the authorized eCMAR user

Your authorized eCMAR users verify the data appearing in the eCMAR form sections, include additional data, answer questions, propose recommended actions to prevent problems where necessary, and validate sections. These features make it easy to complete the form:

  • The entire eCMAR form does not need to be completed in a single session.
  • You can work on individual sections of the eCMAR form, validate completion of individual sections and save this information in your form.
  • You can save and exit the eCMAR form and return to it at later date to complete your review.

Use the DNR Switchboard

Use the DNR Switchboard to access your eCMAR form each time authorized users work on sections of the form.

View eCMAR form sections

A list of the eCMAR form sections your facility must complete are displayed on the left side of the screen. Review the list to ensure you received the correct sections that apply to your wastewater treatment system. Click on a section in the list to open that section. The section you opened is then highlighted in the list.

Verify data

Verify the data appearing in the section you have opened. If pre-populated numbers are wrong, or your questions aren't answered by the information contained in the "Section Instructions" link (see below), click on the "Report Issue" button (see below) to send a message to your DNR regional representative. The "Section Instructions" link and "Report Issue" buttons are under the "Info" and "Options" headings on the left-hand side bottom of the CMAR Entry Sections list, respectively. Do NOT continue in that section until data is corrected — if the department needs to recreate data in a section, all prior work performed in that section will be lost.

Instructions for all sections

Click on the "Section Instructions" link in the middle of the left-hand side column of the CMAR Entry Sections list to find instructions and definitions for each question of eCMAR. TIP: You may wish to print out the "Instruction" pages (also contained in "Instructions for Sections of the eCMAR Form") to refer to them as you are working on the eCMAR.

Report an issue

Click on the "Report Issue" button near the bottom of the left-hand side of the CMAR Entry Sections list to contact the department. Use this button as often as you need if there is a problem in a section. A feedback form will be displayed for your use. In the feedback form, click on the arrow in the "Select a CMAR Subject:" box to see a menu of topics. Select the topic you need help with. Type in your name in the "Name:" box. Type in your e-mail address in the "Your e-Mail Address Box". Type in a brief message of the problem in the "Message:" box. Click on the "Send" button underneath the "Message:" box. The feedback form will be directed to your DNR regional representative. For more information on how to contact the department, see Getting DNR Help.

Calculation button

Calculation buttons are included in sections where calculations are needed. Once data values are entered, click the calculation button. Clicking the "Save" button (see above) will also perform a calculation if all data necessary for the calculation is entered.

Validate button

The "Validate" button is located under the "Options" heading on the left-hand side bottom of the CMAR Entry section list. Click on the "Validate" button when the section is complete and accurate. Validation of each section will calculate a score and grade for that section. When a section is validated, a red check box will appear to the left of that section of the section list. Check your Summary Section to ensure the grade from each section was transferred correctly to the Summary Section.

Revalidation — data/information changes

You can make changes to any of the data or information you entered in a section at any time prior to submitting your eCMAR. If you make a section change, even a text wording change to a section that has been validated, you must revalidate that section. After you have made changes to a section, click on the "Validate" button (see above) again to revalidate that section. Check your Summary Section again to ensure that the grade from that section was transferred correctly to the Summary Section.

Print button

Click on the "Print" button to select your printing options. You can choose to print out individual sections by clicking selected boxes under the "CMAR Section to Print" Heading. Once you have selected the sections you wish to print, click on the "Print Sections(s)" button. To print out all your sections, click on the "print All" button. DO NOT USE the "File Print" or the printer icon on the toolbar to print out eCMAR sections.

See Submitting eCMAR forms for information on how to submit your completed eCMAR.