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Hazardous waste guidance and inspection forms

The resources on this page are intended for persons and facilities generating, transporting, storing, treating and disposing of hazardous waste, universal waste and used oil. Please contact the hazardous waste program coordinator for situations not addressed here or for specific technical questions. 


The DNR has created the following documents to help people and facilities comply with hazardous waste requirements.

Please note: The DNR is the process of revising several guidance documents to incorporate new administrative rules that took effect Sept. 1, 2020. If you have questions about whether a guidance document you have is still applicable, contact your regional hazardous waste specialist.

General hazardous waste requirements

Management of specific hazardous waste

Universal waste
Used oil
Healthcare and pharmaceutical hazardous waste

Inspection forms

Hazardous waste inspection forms

The DNR conducts compliance inspection at facilities generating hazardous waste and follows up on complaints. A best management practice for facilities is to conduct a self-audit using the DNR inspection forms below. The forms titled “Plain Language Inspection Form” are intended to provide streamlined regulatory requirements with simplified language when possible.

Large quantity generator
Small quantity generator
Very small quantity generator
Used oil
Treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities
Universal waste
Other hazardous waste facilities