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Flambeau River State Forest

The Flambeau River State Forest offers two family campgrounds with reservable campsites, primitive canoe sites along the Flambeau River, an ADA accessible yurt and backpacking opportunities. 


Reserve campsites at Flambeau River State Forest.


All campsites at both Lake of the Pines and Conners Lake campgrounds are reservable.

Campground map [PDF].

Lake of the Pines Campground

This rustic family campground is open from April 15 to Dec. 15.  In the case of heavy snow, only the lower loop is plowed. There are a total of 30 sites, all are non-electric and there are no ADA designated sites.

The campground includes two vault toilet buildings, a hand pump for water, a garbage and recycling station, boat access to Lake of the Pines and access to a 0.5-mile nature trail. There is a designated swimming area also accessible from the campground. 

Get Directions - Lake of the Pines Campground

Connors Lake Campground

This rustic family campground is open from May to October. There are 29 sites with two ADA-designated sites. Sites 7, 9, 10 and 11 have electric service.

The campground includes two vault toilet buildings, hand pump water, garbage and recycling station, boat access to Connors Lake and access to a 0.3-mile nature trail. There is a designated swimming area accessible from the campground.

Get Directions - Connors Lake Campground

River camping

There are 14 primitive canoe campsites along the Flambeau River. Each landing provides room for one to three individual campsites and includes a picnic table, fire ring and pit toilet. These campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to a one-night stay. There is no fee required.

River Camping [PDF].

Canoe camp area # of Sites Vault Toilet Site Description
County Line Camp 2 Y Sites have about 75 feet of wooded vegetation between them, and both view the river. A pit toilet is about 100 feet beyond sites.
Oxbo Canoe Camp 3 Y Beautiful camp with very large white pines. The three sites are secluded from each other by woody vegetation. Only two sites have a river view. A pit toilet is 75-125 feet beyond sites.
Log Creek Camp 2 Y Sites sit fairly close to one another with no vegetation between and both have a view of the river. Ap pit toilet is around 60 feet beyond sites.
Mason Creek Camp 2 Y Sites sit fairly close to one another with no vegetation between and both have a view of the river. A pit toilet is around 50 feet beyond sites.
Babb's Island Camp 2 Y Sites are very secluded with high vegetation and trees, which prevent a view of the river. A pit toilet is about 50 feet beyond the sites.
Headquarters Group Camp 1 Y This group campsite accommodates seven to 15 campers and overlooks the Flambeau River just below the Flambeau River State Forest headquarters. The site contains three picnic tables and a fire ring. A pit toilet is about 60 feet beyond the site.
Boy Scout Camp 2 Y Large trees make this camp a favorite. Sites are about 100 feet apart and both have a view of the river. The pit toilet is 100 feet and 50 feet away from each site, respectively.
George's Island Camp 3 Y All sites are in close proximity to each other with no vegetation between them. A slight drop-off separates these sites from the river but it is still visible. Pit toilets are about 50 feet beyond sites.
Camp 41 3 Y All three sites are secluded and all have a view of the river. Pit toilets are 60-75 feet beyond sites.
Wannigan Group Camp 1 Y The front area of the site is very rocky and challenging to camp on, making it better for day use. The backside of the site is secluded but does not have a river view. A pit toilet is 50-75 feet beyond the site. The camp has multiple picnic tables, benches and fire rings, and also has a canoe rack.
Forks Camp 2 Y Historical and beautiful landing at the crux of north and south forks. Both sites are very secluded with lots of vegetation between them. A pit toilet is 50-75 feet beyond sites.
Bear Run Camp 2 Y These sites are about 30 to 40 feet apart and have no vegetation between them. The pit toilet is  50-75 feet beyond sites.
Hervas Landing Camp 3 Y, accessible toilet and drinking water The first two sites are a good distance apart but with no vegetation between them. The third site is very secluded with trees and vegetation but does not have a view of the river. The pit toilet is about 70 feet beyond the sites.
Cedar Rapids Camp 5 Y A beautiful and scenic spot with rapids. Sites are 400 feet apart and pit toilets range from 50-400 feet from sites. There are two developed sites with picnic tables and fire rings. There are two group sites that have a capacity of 15 campers each. Each group site has three picnic tables and fire rings with ample tenting room. Additionally, there is one primitive site that has a fire ring and picnic table and access to a rustic Minnesota john. Primitive sites require that you supply your own bath tissue.

Remote camping


The forest offers a great primitive camping experience through backpack camping, which is allowed anywhere in the forest except for the Native Community Management Areas. For exact locations, contact the forest headquarters for information. First-time backpackers are encouraged to use the Flambeau Hills Hiking/Biking Trail. Drinking water and toilet facilities are available at both family campgrounds and most landings. For drinking water and toilet facility locations, please see the River Camping table above or the table of river landings.

Backpackers must camp at least one mile away from your vehicle and 100 feet from any designated trail or road. Vehicles can be pared at any trailhead. Printed trail maps required free special camp permits and parking locations are available at the forest headquarters.

Campers must follow the forest's carry-in, carry-out policy by packing out all trash and recyclables. Campers may use dead and downed wood as firewood but cannot cut live trees or brush.

Hunter camping

Elk Ridge Yurt

Yurt in WinterYurt in WinterPhoto credit: DNR

The Flambeau River State Forest has an ADA-accessible yurt, providing a unique camping opportunity. Funded through the Pittman-Roberson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, the primary use of the yurt is for hunters. Amenities include four bunk beds with mattresses (one accessible bunk), a futon, table and chairs, a wood-burning stove, a fire ring, a lantern pole, a bear-proof food storage box, a game pole for hunters and an enclosed vault toilet. There is nearby access to walking trails and a carry-in canoe/kayak launch.  

The yurt is located near the town of Oxbo in Sawyer County. From County Highway 70, turn Northeast on Oxbo Drive and then left on Feleen Road, which will dead-end at the yurt parking lot. The yurt is about 300 feet from the parking lot. Drive-to site access is available for people with disabilities with prior approval from the property manager. The yurt can also be accessed directly from the river; it is just upstream from Dix-Dox Landing.

Get Directions - Elk Ridge Yurt

Primitive Camping

Similar to backpack camping, primitive hunter camping provides another way to camp within the forest. To camp during the 9-day gun deer season, hunters must obtain a camping permit prior to Oct. 31 of each year.

Permits are free and can be picked up at the state forest headquarters. Hunters should review all DNR hunting regulations before planning a hunting trip.


Firewood is not available at campgrounds. Firewood is available within the forest by private vendors. Buy from vendors within 10 miles of the campground, bring DATCP certified firewood [PDF exit DNR], or gather dead and down firewood for free on the property.

Don't move firewood! Due to the potential of carrying harmful tree pests and diseases, Wisconsin has restrictions for moving firewood. View Firewood facts, rules and advice.


Wisconsin state parks and forests have a carry-in/carry-out policy. However, for registered campers, there are dumpsters in the campgrounds with separate recycling for glass, plastic, aluminum and tin.


There is one outdoor payphone in the forest at the Flambeau Forest Inn. Cell phone service can be poor or nonexistent in many locations of the forest. Do not depend solely on your cell phone for meeting with other members of your group.