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Brule River State Forest

Two campgrounds in the Brule River State Forest offer family campsites and access to canoe landings on the Bois Brule River. All campsites in both Bois Brule and Copper Range campgrounds are reservable.


Reserve a campsite at Brule River State Forest.

Bois Brule campground

Located 1 mile south of Highway 2 on Ranger Road and a favorite in the summer, the Bois Brule is a 22-unit campground with 17 pull-in sites and five walk-in sites. A canoe landing is located in the picnic area, and visitors will find the Stoney Hill Nature Trail across Ranger Road from the campground. A hand pump and vault toilets are centrally located.

Bois Brule Campground Map

Get Directions - Bois Brule Campground

Copper Range campground

The Copper Range campground is a 17-unit facility that visitors can reach by traveling 4.5 miles north of Highway 2 on County Highway H and then west on Park Road. Located near favorite fishing holes and canoe routes, this campground is popular with anglers in the spring and fall. A canoe landing is located a short walk from the campground and a hand pump and vault toilet are centrally located. There is also a trail across the bridge that links to the Historic Bayfield Road Hiking and Snowshoe Trail

Copper Range Campground Map

Get Directions - Copper Range Campground


There is one hand pump for drinking water located centrally in each campground.


There is one designated wheelchair-accessible site at each of the family campgrounds.


There are no electric sites at either of the campgrounds on the Brule. There are also no payphones in the campgrounds and cell phone service is limited.

Tent camping

Each campsite has enough room for at least one family camping tent. Most wooded sites have room for one to two tents. The number of tents per campsite is not limited, but the number of occupants is limited to six and vehicles are limited to two.

Vehicle camping

Recreational vehicles and pull-behind campers are allowed on any campsite within the state forest. RV campers are encouraged to scout ahead, particularly in the Bois Brule campground as roadways are narrow in places.


Trails may be used to access remote areas of the Brule River State Forest and backpack camping is allowed. However, you must hike with your gear a minimum of 1 mile from where you park your vehicle and camp at least 100 feet from any trail and out of sight of any water body. Camping along the Brule River and Lake Superior shoreline is prohibited.

You must possess a special camp registration permit before heading out to camp. This permit is free of charge and can be obtained from the Brule River State Forest station.

The most suitable trail for backcountry camping is the North Country Trail. Hunter Walking Trails are also a good way to access the forested backcountry. Hunter Walking Trails Map Packet.

Please follow the rule of "carry in, carry out," taking all of your trash and recyclable items home with you, and make sure your campfire is out when you leave.


Firewood is not available at campgrounds. Buy from vendors within 10 miles of the campground (which includes the town of Brule), bring DATCP certified firewood, or gather dead and down firewood for free on the property.