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Solid waste

Businesses are required to follow regulations to discard materials. The materials can be liquid, solid or gas and are regulated under the "solid waste" program. This website has information regarding the regulations for disposal of solid waste. In addition, the website has information on finding landfills, transporters and reducing landfill wastes.

To report a complaint

To voluntarily report a hazardous waste complaint, please fill out this online form to the Department of Natural Resources for a follow-up.


Solid waste is what most of us think of as the "trash" or "garbage" that we produce at home, work and play. Despite its name, "solid" waste can be solid, liquid or contained gas. Broadly defined, solid waste is any material no longer used for its originally intended purpose, which will be discarded, treated to reclaim its original properties or processed to be used for an alternative purpose.

The DNR strives to ensure proper management of solid waste and works with local governments, private industry, other organizations and individual citizens to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling.

The administrative codes and statutes related to solid waste can be found at Solid Waste Rules and Statutes.


Waste disposal practices have changed substantially over the past 40 years. Much of the unwanted material households and businesses produce returns to productive use through recycling and composting and beneficial use. Hazardous wastes are carefully separated for special handling. Businesses have reduced the waste they generate. Still, it is necessary to landfill some solid wastes for which no recycling or reuse is currently available.

Licensed waste transporters or facility

The Solid Waste Landfill Licensed in Wisconsin is a comprehensive list of licensed landfills within the state. In addition, the list below provides a list of facilities and transporters of solid waste materials.

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