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Small Business Advisor newsletter

The Small Business Advisor (formerly known as the Clean Air Advisor) is a newsletter designed to provide environmental information to small businesses. The newsletter keeps you up to date about new regulations at both the state and federal level, trainings and conferences and more. All issues are in PDF format unless indicated otherwise.

Small Business Advisor
Issue date Topics and comments
March 2024
  • Used Oil and Antifreeze Management
  • Hazardous Secondary Materials – Guidance Documents
  • Manifest Exception Reporting for LQGs And SQGs
  • Input Opportunities: Economic Impact of Air Fee Rule; Proposed Rule Change to NR 439
February 2024
  • EPA Requires Toxics Release Inventory Reporting for Seven Additional PFAS
  • Join the ENERGY STAR Industrial Assistance Network
  • Input Opportunities: Post-Construction Storm Water Modeling Guidance
  • Training Opportunities: Wisconsin’s Printing Industry Charter Members Present a Webinar: The Basics on Greenhouse Gas
January 2024
  • Applications Open For New PFAS And Manganese Grant Program For Small Public Water Systems
  • Interested In Sustainability? Check Out These Resources!
  • Input Opportunities: Waterways Proposed General Permits; EPA Proposed Rule on Applicable Requirements in Title V Permits
  • Training Opportunities: RR Webinar - When Should A Site Investigation Enter Surface Water
December 2023
  • Hazardous Waste Rule Update
  • Hazardous Waste Guidance Document Update
  • Federal Funding Navigator Tool Now Available
  • Input Opportunities: Public Hearing on Two RR Statements of Scope; Water Quality Document Available for Review
November 2023
  • DNR Launches New Vapor Intrusion Webpage for Local Governments
  • DSPS Accepting Grant Applications for POTWS
  • Input Opportunities: Managing Risks from TCE; DNR Waterway General Permit Revisions
  • Training Opportunities: Air Emissions Reporting Updates for 2024; Webinar: Printer Portal Tour; Storing and Saving Energy – Using Thermal Storage in Commercial Buildings
October 2023
  • Find Business Resources Quickly on DNR’s Website
  • Now Available: EPA FY 2024 Brownfields Grant Guidelines & Wisconsin State Acknowledgement Letters
  • DNR Releases 2023 Air Quality Trends Report
  • Input Opportunities: NR 140 Draft EIA; EPA Proposed Update to NSPS for VOL Storage Vessels; EPA AERR Proposal
  • Training Opportunities: RR Webinar Vapor Intrusion Updates; FET Conference; Wis Asbestos Conference

September 2023

  • Proposed Revisions to the Federal Air Emissions Reporting Rule
  • Final WPDES Mineral (Nonmetallic) Mining and/or Processing General Permit
  • Construction Site Storm Water Fall Stabilization Reminder
  • Pollution Prevention Week is September 18-23
  • Input Opportunities: RR Guidance - Post Closure Modification (RR-982); EPA Proposing Requirements for New HAP Additions
  • Training Opportunities: Using Ecolabels for Sustainable Procurement; RR Program's Issues & Trends - Vapor Intrusion Updates
August 2023
  • Small Businesses Receive Assistance from DNR
  • EPA's SBIR Program Soliciting Bids for Circular Economy/Sustainable Materials Projects
  • Now Available: Guidance On Addressing Contaminated Sediment Sites (RR-0124)
  • Sunsetting "Continuing Operation" Practice for Nitrates in Public Water Systems
  • Sackett Decision and DNR Nonfederal Wetland Exemption
  • Training Opportunities: Salt Wise, Wiscon Webinars
July 2023
  • USDA Funding Available for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – Deadline Aug. 15
  • 2022 Annual Drinking Water Report Published
  • EPA Announces New Framework to Prevent Unsafe New PFAS from Entering the Market
  • EPA Implementing Statutory Addition of Certain PFAS to the TRI in Reporting Year 2023
  • DINP Category Added to TRI Chemical List
  • Input Opportunities: Public Input on Water Quality Guidance Documents
  • Training Opportunities: WisCon Training Schedule
June 2023
  • New Web Addresses for Remediation Apps
  • Prevent Recycling Fires by Safely Disposing of Used Batteries
  • Minnesota Technical Assistance Program Created “Aqueous Cleaning Toolkit”
  • Input Opportunity: EPA Proposes Ban on All Consumer and Many Commercial Uses of Perchloroethylene
May 2023
  • New Toolkit Available To Help Local Leaders Address PFAS Contamination In Drinking Water
  • New EPA Resources for All Appropriate Inquiries
  • Used Oil and Antifreeze Requirements
  • Input Opportunities: Wetland GP1 Reissuance; Small Entity Representatives Sought for Other Solid Waste Incinerator Rule SBA Review Panel
  • Training Opportunities: New Electronics Recycling Rule; ITRC Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Training
April 2023
  • Announcing National Small Business Week 2023
  • Clean Energy Funding Available for Wisconsin Businesses
  • New Source Performance Standards for Industrial Surface Coating of Plastic Parts for Business Machines
  • Hazardous Waste Rule Changes Impacting Healthcare Facilities
  • Annual Storm Water Permit Fees and Some FAQs
  • Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse Contract Established in Wisconsin
March 2023
  • A New EPA Resource For Small Businesses
  • Waste Determinations: The Cornerstone Of Hazardous Waste Compliance
  • Training Opportunities: Wiscon Training; Plastics Recycling and Labels
  • Input Opportunities: WPDES Nonmetallic Mineral Mining General Permit; Wastewater Guidance on Nitrogen Limits
February 2023
  • DNR’s RR Posted New Guidance: Environmental Contamination & Your Real Estate (RR-973)
  • USDA Accepting Grant Applications for Wood Innovations Projects, Community Wood Energy Facilities
  • EPA Improves Calculators to Measure Impact of Pollution Prevention Activities
  • EPA Adds Nine Chemicals and Removes One PFAS from the Safer Chemical Ingredients List
  • Input Opportunities: EPA Takes Steps to Stop Unsafe PFAS from Reentering Commerce; Proposed Energy Star Certification for Commercial Buildings
January 2023
  • Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week Jan. 23-27, 2023
  • NR 700 Reporting Due Jan. 30
  • Manganese Monitoring For Newly Activated NN Public Water Systems Effective Jan. 1, 2023
  • Storm Water Construction Permit Fee Changes
  • Hazardous Waste Annual Reporting
  • Hazardous Waste Guidance Documents Updated
  • RR Program Guidance on Voluntary Party Liability Exemption (RR-0141) Available
  • EPA Adopts New ASTM Standard For Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
December 2022
  • Air Management Updates Database Application Web Addresses
  • Hazardous Waste Annual Reporting Reminders
  • New Chemicals Added To The Toxics Release Inventory
  • Focus on Energy Can Help Your Business Be More Energy Efficient
  • Input Opportunity: Guidance on Addressing Contaminated Sediment Sites in Wisconsin (RR-0124)
November 2022
  • Updated Air Reporting System Available For 2023 Reporting Season
  • Clean Diesel Grants
  • New Interactive PFAS Data Tool Available
  • Now Available: Updated Technical Standard 1056 Perimeter Sediment Control and Slope Interruption
  • Input Opportunities: Water Quality Guidance for Additives; NR 811 on Community Water Systems
  • Training Opportunities: Recycling Batteries events
October 2022
  • EPA Publishes Final Reclassification for 2015 Ozone Standard
  • Updated RR Case Closure Request Form (4400-202) Available
  • Input Opportunities: NR 439 Listening Session; Post-Construction Storm Water Management for Ground-mounted Solar; EPA Proposed Designation of PFOA and PFOS as CERCLA Hazardous Substances
  • Training Opportunities: WISCON Weekly Webinars; RR Webinar - Passive Air Sampling for Vapor Intrusion
September 2022
  • Wisconsin Businesses: Tell DNR About Your Winter Salt Usage
  • New Webpage and Fact Sheets Available for Owners and Operators of NN Public Water Systems
  • Final Amendments to Air Toxics Standards for Boilers & Process Heaters
  • DNR To Hold Remediation and Redevelopment External Advisory Group Meeting
  • Training Opportunities: Vapor Mitigation Update at Wisconsin Radon Conference September 28
August Special Edition
  • Webinar: A Streamlined Air Permit for Facilities Committed to Green Tier
  • 2021 Annual Drinking Water Report is Available
August 2022
  • Updates Now In Effect For Wisconsin’s Air Emissions Inventory Reporting Rule
  • 2022 Recycling Excellence Awards Nominations Now Open
  • E-Pay And Other Updates To RR Form 4400-025
  • New Wisconsin Administrative Rules For PFAS Now In Effect
  • EPA Issues Final Rule To Require Reporting On Five PFAS
  • Training Opportunities
July 2022
  • NR 700 Reporting Due July 30
  • DNR Issued Mineral (Nonmetallic) Mining and/or Processing General Permit, WPDES General Permit No. WI-0046515-07-0
  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guides from FOCUS ON ENERGY®
  • Input Opportunities: EPA Draft Revisions to Risk Determinations under TSCA – Methylene Chloride, 1-Bromopropane
June 2022
  • Storm Water Notice of Intent: New Project Type
  • New Beyond Compliance Resources
  • DHS Publishes "TCE in the Workplace" Fact Sheet
  • U.S. EPA Releases New Health Advisory Level for PFAS
  • Training Opportunities: FET Waste Management Seminar June 30; WisCon Weekly Webinars
June Special Edition
  • Air Management Program Announces New Rules For Adhesive Use And Metal And Plastic Parts Coating Operations
May 2022
  • Facility Action Needed On 1-Bromopropane
  • Chapter NR 216, Wis. Adm. Code Updates Effective
  • Now Available: RR-060, Guidance For Management Of Contaminated Soil And Other Solid Wastes
  • Small Business Environmental Council Meeting May 26
  • Input Opportunities: DNR Water Quality Document for Review; EPA Proposes Reporting Rule for Asbestos under TSCA Section 8(a)
  • Training Opportunities: ITRC Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Training
May Special Edition
  • DNR Celebrates Air Quality Improvements, Accomplishments And Public Outreach
  • New Online Resources Available For Printing Facilities
  • Training Opportunities: Changing Regulatory Landscape Workshop for Printing Industry; WISCON Weekly Webinars
April 2022
  • SBA’s National Small Business Week Virtual Summit: Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship - May 2 – May 5, 2022
  • EPA Seeks Nominations for the Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Federal Advisory Committee
  • Now Available: Publication RR-0128, Green Team Assistance for Contaminated Properties
  • Input Opportunities: EPA Proposes Ban on Asbestos Use • Training Opportunities: WisCon Weekly Webinars
March 2022
  • RR Program Makes Website Changes to Enhance Customer Service
  • Update to NR 350 Related to Wetland Mitigation
  • EPA Announces the “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge”
  • Input Opportunities: RR Publications Open for Comment until April 6
  • Training Opportunities: Food Waste Reduction Strategies and Tools for Business & Institutions; WisCon Weekly Webinars
February 2022
  • DNR Launches Air Emission Reduction Credit Registry
  • Update to Registration Permit Annual Compliance Certification Form
  • Input Opportunities: Water Quality Guidance Document; EPA TSCA Rule – Reporting and Recordkeeping for PFAS
  • Training Opportunities: Classes on Lead and Copper Monitoring Plans; WISCON Weekly Webinars
January 2022
  • 2022-2023 Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendars Now Available
  • NR 700 Reporting Due Jan. 31
  • Legislation Brings Changes to DNR's Enviro-Check Program
  • EPA Adds 1-bromopropane to the List of Hazardous Air Pollutants under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act
  • Input Opportunities: EPA and Army Take Action to Provide Certainty for the Definition of WOTUS
  • Training Opportunities: ITRC Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Training
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