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Small Business Advisor newsletter

The Small Business Advisor (formerly known as the Clean Air Advisor) is a newsletter designed to provide environmental information to small businesses. The newsletter keeps you up to date about new regulations at both the state and federal level, trainings and conferences and more. All issues are in PDF format unless indicated otherwise.

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Issue date Topics and comments
September 2021
  • Metal Shredding Facilities a Focus of EPA Enforcement
  • Energy Team Toolkit
  • Training Opportunities: 2021 Wisconsin Asbestos Conference – December 3; WisCon Webinars
August 2021
  • Recycling Excellence Award Nominations Now Open
  • Updated Industrial Storm Water Forms Available
  • EPA Updates Safer Chemical Ingredients List
  • Input Opportunities – Reissue of construction storm water permit general permit, NR 439 air program rule update, EPA’s TSCA Rule 8(a)(7) on PFAS reporting
  • Training Opportunities – WI Salt Wise webinars; Energy Star training; Weekly WisCon webinars
July 2021
  • Now Submit Online All Industrial Storm Water Permit Forms and Reports
  • NR 700 Reporting Due July 30, 2021
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants
  • EPA's Commitment to Improving Access to Air Toxics Data
  • Training Opportunities: WisCon Weekly, EPA ECHO Webinar
June 2021
  • EPA Revises 2015 Ozone Nonattainment Areas
  • Reminder: TRI Reporting Deadline is July 1
  • Opportunities for Input: Draft WPDES Mineral Mining/Processing, June 30; EPA CAA List of Toxics Adding 1-Bromopropane, June 23; EPA EJ Consultation on Risk Management for TCE and PCE, July 6
  • Training Available: WisCon In Person Training – COVID Returning to Routine, July 1; WisCon Weekly Webinars
May 2021 Special Edition
  • Register Now for Storm Water Basics for Printers on June 3
  • Rescheduled Small Business Environmental Council Meeting Now June 7 at 1:00 PM
  • Training Opportunities
May 2021
  • New Checklists Available for Air Permit Applicants
  • WisCon Safety Consultation Program
  • DATCP Releases 2021 Clean Sweep Collections, Announces Changes to Grant Application Timeline
  • Energy Department OKs $110M for Climate-focused Small Businesses
  • Input Opportunities – Healthy Watersheds, High-Quality Waters Initiative
  • Training Opportunities – WisCon Weekly Webinars for May; U.S. EPA Webinar on Zero Waste
April 2021 - Event Announcements
  • Small Business Environmental Council Meeting May 6 at 1:00 PM
  • Storm Water Basics for Printers on June 3
  • Think Energy Savings on Earth Day
  • Reminder that Hazardous Waste webinars for Printers are available to view
April 2021
  • New EPA Regulatory Navigation Tool to help Collision Repair Shops
  • New DNR Air Program Contacts for Small Sources
  • Annual Storm Water Permit Fees Due End of June
  • RR Program's Contaminated Sites Database Viewer Updated
  • Input Opportunity: Online Public Hearing on Proposed NR 216 Rule Revisions
  • Training: WISCON Weekly Webinar
March 2021
  • Becoming a Sustainability Champion – Webinar March 24
  • Opportunities for Input - Draft WPDES general permits, Publication RR-606, DG Guidance for Facility Start Up
  • Other Training Opportunities - WISCON weekly webinars, remaining March events.
February 2021
  • Wisconsin Water Week March 8-12
  • Input Opportunities
    • EPA Seeks Small Businesses Input on Risk Management Rulemaking for Asbestos, Part 1: Chrysotile Asbestos
    • Draft WPDES General Permits – Comments Due March 22, 2021
  • Training Available
    • WISCON Online Safety Training
February 2021 Special Edition
  • Small Business Environmental Council meets February 11
  • Training Opportunities
January 2021
  • DNR reporting deadlines in early 2021
  • New hazardous waste resources available
  • DNR's Air Program portal offers access to guidance
  • EPA releases final chemical risk evaluation for Perchloroethylene
  • Opportunities for Input
December 2020
  • FET Air Reporting and Requirement Updates Webinar
  • Safety Training from WisCon Safety Consultation Program
  • 2021-22 Gas Calendar Coming Soon!
  • Wisconsin PFAS Action Council (WisPAC) Releases PFAS Action Plan
  • Celebrating 30 years of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments
November 2020
  • Joint Great Lakes Graphics Association and DNR Webinars: Hazardous Waste Requirements
  • Wisconsin Asbestos Conference/webinar on December 4
  • EPA releases final chemical risk evaluation for Trichloroethylene
November 2020 - Input Opportunities
  • Small Business Environmental Council meets November 12
  • Non-road engine testing listening session on November 17
  • EPA seeks small business input on risk management rulemaking for HBCD
November 2020 - Special Reports
  • DNR's Sustainability and Business Support Report to the Legislature Available
  • Report Findings: Cleaner Air for the Dairy State
October 2020
  • Webinars on updated hazardous waste rules
  • Regulatory Navigation Tool: NESHAP Subpart 6H - Paint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface Coating Operations at Area Sources
  • Webinar on DNR Technical Standard 1010 Proprietary Storm Water Filtration Devices
October 2020 - Special Edition
  • Webinar on Revised Air Permit for Wisconsin Printing Operations on November 5
September 2020
  • Webinar on transportation and emissions reductions September 24
  • New Air Pollution Operation Permit renewal application checklist and forms are available now!
  • Minor change to air pollution permit numbers
  • Submit industrial storm water permit NOIs online October 1
  • Public hearing for NR 700 proposed rule changes on October 16
  • Wetland Delineator applications accepted through November 30
  • EPA tools, resources, and guidance for small businesses and low emitters of greenhouse gases
  • National Small Business Week virtual conference September 22-24
August 2020
  • Small Business Environmental Council Meeting August 18
  • Recycling Excellence Awards nomination period open until Sept. 15
  • Water ePermit System: Storm Water Construction General Permit Application Updates
  • Pollution Prevention Waste Management Workshop
July 2020
  • EPA to add new chemical to hazardous air pollutant list
  • MPCA webinar - Refrigerant and refrigeration system training for retail operations
  • EPA soliciting applications for small business funding opportunity
  • Greener options for solvent use
June 2020
  • EPA Stresses the Importance of Recycling and Proper Disposal of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Re-Opening Buildings and Businesses with Potentially Stagnant Water
  • EPA's 2020-2021 SBIR Phase I Solicitation Anticipated to Open in Late June 2020
May 2020 - Event Options for Challenging Waste Webinar May 28
May 2020
  • Wisconsin Celebrates Clean Air Month in May
  • Small Business Environmental Council Meeting May 27
  • Governor Announces $75 Million Grant Program for Small Business
  • Online Industrial Storm Water Applications — Coming Soon to ePermitting!
  • EPA Announces Rescheduled Meeting for Peer Review of the Draft Risk Evaluation for Asbestos
April 2020 - Special Announcement DNR solicitation of economic impacts on proposed revisions to chs. NR 700 to 799
April 2020
  • U.S. EPA selects a new Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman
  • New OSHA guidance on respirator use during N95 shortage
  • U.S. Chamber offers Small Business Virtual Town Hall – Fridays at 12 P.M.
  • Hazardous waste rule development update
April 2020 - COVID-19 Message DNR Offer Environmental Compliance Roadmap

March 2020 – COVID-19

  • COVID-19 message

March 2020 - Special Edition

  • Resources for managing healthcare waste related to COVID-19
  • Funding opportunities for small business during COVID-19 event
  • Assistance for Small and Disadvantaged Communities Drinking Water Grant
February 2020 – Special Edition
  • Going Live! A new Asbestos Renovation and Demolition Notification (ARDN) online system will be available February 24

February 2020

  • 2019 hazardous waste annual reporting
  • Reminder: National hazardous waste pharmaceutical sewering ban in effect
  • USEPA has released a Regulatory Navigation tool for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
  • USEPA and Army Corps announce final rule to redefine "Waters of the United State"
January 2020
  • Annual reporting deadlines for DNR programs are coming soon!
  • Learn about air emissions reports and permit policy updates at local seminars hosted by FET
  • Information for Air Pollution Registration Permits all in one place
December 2019
  • 2020-2021 Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendars now available
  • Small Business Environmental Council meets on Jan.& 9, 2020
  • Wood energy assistance available
October 2019
  • DNR Launches New Voluntary Environmental Assessment Program for Businesses
  • Air Program report shows continued improvements to state's air quality
  • Next Small Business Environmental Council Meeting
  • Financial Resources
September 2019
  • Register for webinar on updates to Lithographic Printing Rule
  • Kenosha County's ozone nonattainment status reclassified
  • Methylene Chloride consumer paint and coating removal rule implementation - EPA issues compliance guide to assist small entities
  • WEDC offers no-interest loans to businesses affected by July storms
  • New e-Manifest user fees effective Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2021
August 2019 - Special Announcements
  • Register for Sept. 11 DNR webinar on hazardous waste management under new Generator Improvement Rule
  • Join the National SBEAP on Sept. 4 for a webinar by USEPA on Surface Coating rule changes
August 2019
  • Next webinar in series on Sustainable Practices
  • Flushing of pharmaceuticals is prohibited by US EPA as of Aug. 21
  • Recycling Excellence Awards now accepting applications
  • Seeking storm water technical standard work team volunteers
July 2019
  • Auto body refinishing operations can find regulatory information in one place
  • Air Program debuts easier way to track permit progress
June 2019
  • DHS recommends new ch. NR 140 groundwater standards to DNR
  • New alternative work practice approved by USEPA for Asbestos NESHAP
  • Satellite accumulation requirements reference now available
  • Legislation introduced to modify Wisconsin's electronics recycling law
  • Updated DNR technical assistance document available on recycling electronics
  • Free noise webinar through WisCon
May 2019 - Announcements
  • Small Business Environmental Council meeting May 21
  • Webinar May 14: Driving Cost Savings with Your Environmental Management System
May 2019 - Special Edition
  • Celebrate Small Business Week May 5-11
  • A breath of fresh air: DNR celebrates Clean Air Month as Wisconsin's air quality continues to improve
April 2019 - Special Announcement
  • Public comment period open on economic impact for hazardous waste rule revisions
March 2019 - Special Edition: Training Events
  • Save money by painting more efficiently
  • March OSHA Grain Stand-Up
  • E-Enterprise Combined Air Emissions Reporting Webinar
March 2019
  • Announcing 2019 Hazardous Waste Decoded Webinar Series
  • Update on Hazardous Waste rule development
  • EPA Seeking Comments on Proposed Amendments to the Manifest Forms
  • Training on New Water ePermitting Option
  • Celebrate Small Business Development Centers on March 20, 2019
February 2019
  • PFAS information available on DNR website
  • WisCon February Webinar: Feb. 25
  • OSHA Training: March 21
  • Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin grant application period now open
  • Rural Economic Development Innovation (REDI) initiative
February 2019 - Special Edition
  • Renewable Energy Webinar Focuses on Reducing Operating Costs
January 2019
  • Updates from DNR Hazardous Waste Program
  • SBDC Training Opportunity for Entrepreneurs
  • OSHA Updates
December 2018
  • Gas Calendar Coming Soon!
  • Electronic signature available for official Air Program reports
  • E-cycle this holiday season!
  • Free Safety Training from WisCon
December 2018 - Special Edition
  • Electronic signature available for official Air Program reports
November 2018
  • 2018 Green Tier Report
  • Shop Small Business
  • Wisconsin Asbestos Conference, Dec. 7
  • Small Business Summit, Dec. 11
October 2018
  • Updated instructions on the Air Permit Renewal application process available
  • More online resources available for Small Agricultural Businesses and Salvage Yards
  • Air Program report shows that monitored air pollutant levels continue to decrease statewide
September 2018
  • Small Businesses Weigh In
  • Learn about Environmental Regulations at FET Environment 2018
  • The Wisconsin Asbestos Conference is Open for Registration
August 2018
  • Join the Small Business Environmental Council at an open discussion
  • New resource addresses environmental performance during business lending
  • Draft guidance on satellite accumulation requirements available for public comment
  • Is your company SHARP?
  • Save the Date! The 2018 Wisconsin Asbestos Conference takes place Dec. 7 in Wisconsin Dells
August 2018 - Special Edition
  • Join DNR's Small Business Environmental Council for a discussion on regulatory impacts at the Portage County Business Council
July 2018
  • Recorded webinars available on environmental responsibilities for construction projects
  • New exemptions available for wetland permitting
  • Safety resources for Wisconsin industry
June 2018
  • EPA launches e-Manifest system June 30, 2018
  • June is Safety Month
May 2018
  • Make your plans environmentally sound before you break ground! An introduction to environmental responsibilities for landowners, excavators and other construction contractors
  • DNR highlights successes during Clean Air Month this May
April 2018
  • Changes in EPA's "Once-In-Always-I" policy
  • Business panel at FET South Central Chapter Water Issues seminar
  • DNR's Air Program is the first federally authorized program in Wisconsin to accept e-signatures for official reports
  • US EPA Region 5 Outreach on Solvent Reduction Options
March 2018 - Special Announcements
  • Correction on OSHA event - Handling OSHA Inspections
  • Two US SBA Regulatory Roundtables in Milwaukee
  • Two wetland program opportunities for public input
February 2018
  • Meet new U.S. SBA Advocates
  • Updated refrigerant recovery webpages now available
  • Session on handling OSHA inspections, March 8
January 2018
  • Reminders that annual reports are due soon
  • DNR offers Air Reporting System tutorial
  • Provide the right information to DNR when requesting a change to permits
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