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Waste reduction and recycling — save $$$

For many Wisconsin businesses, waste disposal has been a matter of "out of sight, out of mind." Materials that aren't needed have often been thrown away. But there are things your small business can do to ensure proper disposal and/or recycling of wastes and reduce the amount of waste your business produces. The following information can show how you can actually save money and conserve natural resources.

Waste reduction and recycling

Case studies

Rare species, natural communities and natural features

Water supply

  • The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's Water Efficiency and Management in Commercial Buildings website details how commercial buildings can save water. Through case study examples and generalized action steps, the online document lays out how to use water more efficiently. It covers all facets of a building, from the grounds to the boiler room.
  • Facility Manager's Guide to Water Management: This comprehensive, 120-page guide is a facility manager's dream, complete with step-by-step advice, implementation steps, worksheets, forms, checklists and diagrams. It covers a broad spectrum of water-management issues, from plumbing fixtures to cooling towers to landscaping. In addition to the wealth of implementation help, there is also model paycheck stuffers and other devices to help foster employee participation, sample press materials for promoting company efforts and "Fun Filler Facts" to use in company newsletters and other publications.

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