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Does your small business generate hazardous waste?

Permit Primer

As a small business, you may have waste that is hazardous (harmful to people and the environment).

This series of webpages, in conjunction with your waste inventory sheet (SB-132), will help you learn whether your waste is hazardous or if you fall under any exemptions. You will also determine what size generator you are and what requirements apply to you.

Examples of some business types and processes that may produce hazardous waste:

Business types Processes
  • vehicle repair and maintenance shops
  • dry cleaners
  • laboratories
  • manufacturers
  • contractors/construction firms
  • photography studios
  • electroplaters
  • metal fabrication/machine shops
  • medical/dental offices
  • body shops
  • printers/graphic artists
  • vehicle sales/fleet services
  • electronics shops
  • furniture refinishers
  • painting and coating operations
  • parts cleaning and degreasing
  • electroplating and/or anodizing operations
  • solvent distillation
  • pesticide application
  • tanning and dyeing
  • construction/deconstruction related

Continue on to review your hazardous waste.

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