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Navigation tips

Permit Primer

Right margin links

On every page in the Permit Primer, you will find a list of helpful links in the right margin.

  • Click on "Start the Permit Primer" whenever you want to return to the beginning of the Primer.
  • Click on "Learn navigation tips for the Permit Primer" to review this page again.
  • Click on "Find applicable codes and statutes" from this list.
  • Click on "Learn about pollution prevention" for more information about waste reduction, recycling, case studies and more.
  • Some topics will have "Topic related links" which will guide you to other DNR web pages or websites that will have additional information. "Definitions" and "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) are also conveniently found in this area for each topic.

Icon meanings

book icon

Look for definitions on complex words or phrases along with frequently asked questions and answers.


clock icon

Whenever you see this clock image you will find out when your permit or plan needs to be completed.


dollar icon

Look for permit fee information when you see the green dollar sign.

More navigation help

The most efficient way to navigate the primer is to use the buttons at the bottom of each page. If there are no buttons and you wish to return to a previous page, please use your browser's back arrow to return to the primer.

Some pages have a show/hide feature. Clicking on the title will expand the information and clicking on the title again will minimize it.

Clicking on words with a dashed underline will display a definition of that word.

Pollution prevention saves — Whenever you see this heading, it indicates a link to pollution prevention ideas. Recycling, green chemistry or product substitution often can conserve natural resources, limit exposure to your employees and save you money.

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