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Businesses that are eligible for assistance services

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program may be able to help you understand what rules apply to your business. Businesses of any size may find the program materials helpful, but should be aware the information provided may not cover the full range of requirements that may apply to businesses with high levels of pollution. Small businesses that meet the following definition are best suited to use the program and materials provided:

  • have 100 employees or less;
  • are independently owned;
  • are not a major source of air pollution (this means your business emits less than 50 tons per year of any regulated pollutant and emits less than 75 tons per year of all regulated pollutants); and
  • is not a large quantity hazardous waste generator.

Examples of small businesses that can benefit from SBEAP include:


  • Be better informed about the regulations.
  • Discover ways to reduce pollution and costs.
  • Reduce your liability and potential for penalties.
  • Get connected to other programs and financial resources for small business.

If you have facilities located in a state other than Wisconsin, go to the National SBEAP website and select your state from their contacts map.

Additional resources