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There are several state and federal regulations affecting auto body shops in Wisconsin. Among these is the EPA's area source rule for paint stripping and miscellaneous surface coating operations. To help newly regulated shops comply, the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) developed a comprehensive environmental checklist and other tools to help the industry understand these and other existing regulations.

State air regulations

EPA Regulations

Submitting the notification of compliance status form

There is an example form for the R5ERP Notification of Compliance Status for 6H (SB-528) [DOC]. However, shops that have not submitted the Notification of Compliance Status form, shops submitting a notification that they do not use any coatings with the target HAPs or a new shop complying with the rule for the first time, must now file all documents electronically with EPA through their Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) which is accessed through the Central Data Exchange (CDX). For more information on how to register for the EPA's CDX and CEDRI, go to CDX.

The DNR and the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) collaborated with the Small Business Environmental Assistance programs in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin to develop an Environmental Results Program (ERP) for the auto body refinishing shops in these EPA Region 5 states.

The DNR was awarded a State Innovation Grant by the EPA to conduct the Auto Body ERP in partnership with the other Region 5 states. The ERP project involved measuring environmental performance at shops to learn the areas where additional assistance was needed for the shops to understand how to comply with state and federal rules. The final Grant Report to EPA Region 5 summarized the results of the effort to measure environmental performance among auto body shops in Region 5 states. The study found that 18 out of 25 measures showed statistically significant improvement in performance on the EPA auto body rule. For more details, read the final grant report: Region 5 Autobody Refinishing Shops ERP Grant Report (SB-520).

Shop compliance checklist packets and training

The state SBEAPs developed a common checklist with state specific tips on how to know whether your shop is in compliance with the EPA's rule as well as state air, waste and water requirements. Completing the first part of the checklist (all "EPA-Rule" sections) will help you assess whether you have met all the requirements in the EPA's rule. For materials referenced in the checklist for other states go to the state program links below. Additional materials helpful to shops in any state are provided on this page, including resources for painter training.

Materials to help you complete the self-certification checklist
Using the self-certification checklist

Printable copies of the self-certification checklist are available the individual states linked below, and they are available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF versions.


For regulatory information, go to the Illinois SBEAP page on Autobody and Spraycoating.


Visit IDEM's Collision Repair/Auto Refinishing Shops page for more information on Indiana specific requirements.


Review information on topics such as air pollution, waste management, wastewater at Michigan's Environmental Assistance Center web page: Automotive collision repair facilities.


To learn more about any of the regulations affecting auto body refinishing shops in Minnesota, go to their webpage: SBEAP industry sector: Automotive - body shop and vehicle maintenance.


Review information on Auto Repair and Auto Body Shops related to air pollution, waste, wastewater, among others.

The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority's Clean Air Resource Center offers financial resources for shops that need help to install pollution control equipment like a spray booth with high efficiency collection devices


Concerned about whether you meet OSHA requirements in your shop?

Training resources

  • Virtual Collision Repair Shop
  • Watch the EPA training video to learn more about the rule and satisfy one of the training elements required in the rule. If you need the video in Spanish, contact the Small Business program at the DNR and a DVD will be mailed to you that has both English and Spanish versions of the video.

Painter training resources

These resources can help a shop demonstrate compliance with the training requirements in the EPA Area Source Rule described in the Air Regulations tab on this page

Additional resources