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Special casing area requirements for arsenic

For Outagamie and Winnebago counties

(effective October 1, 2004)

Special casing areas have been established by the Wisconsin DNR for specific areas within the arsenic advisory area where naturally occurring arsenic contamination is affecting existing wells.

As of the specified date, new wells constructed within these areas must be constructed, cement-grouted and disinfected according to more stringent standards as described in the following documents. This area has been established under the provisions of s. NR 812.12(3) and is designed to reduce the possibility that new wells will produce water containing significant concentrations of arsenic.

The goals of this “Special Well Casing Pipe Depth Area” are to:

  • Allow for the construction of wells that will withdraw groundwater from aquifers that contain water with low concentrations of arsenic.
  • Specify the use of well construction methods that eliminate the introduction of oxidants in the aquifer systems.
  • Specify grouting methods that provide a dense, competent and impermeable annular space seal for the casing pipe.

General Information:

(The following links are all PDFs - if you have trouble opening the documents, see DNR PDF help.) 

  • Letter noting Modification and Clarification of Well Construction Requirements for the Arsenic “Special Well Casing Depth Area” for Outagamie and Winnebago Counties (6/3/2024)
  • Letter noting modification to Special Well Casing Depth Area (3/26/2018)
  • Letter noting modification and clarification of casing requirements (11/12/2004)
  • Letter announcing Special Well Casing Depth Area (9/10/2004)
  • Well construction specifications (9/10/2004)
  • Shallow well option map

Winnebago County Minimum Casing requirement maps:

T17N, R14E Towns of Nepeuskun and Rushford
T17N, R15E Towns of Utica and Rushford
T17N, R16E Towns of Nekimi and Black Wolf
T17N, R17E Town of Black Wolf
T18N, R14E Towns of Rushford and Omro
T18N, R15E Towns of Omro and Rushford
T18N, R16E & R17E Towns of Algoma and Oshkosh
T19N, R14E Town of Poygan
T19N, R15E Town of Winneconne
T19N, R16E Towns of Vinland and Oshkosh
T19N, R17E Towns of Neenah, Vinland and Oshkosh
T20N, R15E Town of Winchester
T20N, R16E Town of Clayton
T20N, R17E Towns of Menasha and Neenah

Outagamie County Minimum Casing requirement maps:

T21N, R15E Towns of Dale and Hortonia
T21N, R16E Town of Greenville
T21N, R17E Town of Grand Chute
T21N, R18E Towns of Vandenbroek, Grand Chute and Buchanan
T21N, R19E Towns of Buchanan and Kaukauna
T22N, R15E Towns of Liberty and Hortonia
T22N, R16E Town of Ellington
T22N, R17E Town of Center
T22N, R18E Towns of Freedom and Oneida
T22N, R19E Towns of Kaukauna and Oneida
T23N, R16E Town of Bovina
T23N, R17E Town of Black Creek
T23N, R18E Towns of Osborn and Oneida
T23N, R19E Town of Oneida
T24N, R17E Town of Cicero
T24N, R18E Towns of Seymour and Oneida
T24N, R19E Towns of Oneida and Seymour