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Look up groundwater and well data

To learn about the likely quantity and quality of groundwater in a geographic area, you will want to find data from several sources.

Groundwater Quality and Basic Well Parameters

Groundwater quality and basic well parameters can be found in the Groundwater Retrieval Network (GRN).

Local well testing data can be viewed using the Wisconsin Well Water Quality Viewer [exit DNR].

Well Construction Information (Well Records)

Well construction information, including geology, construction method, well depth, water depth, well yield and other information about the well can be found using the search link below.

Well Records Search

Read this before you begin your search
  • If you have a Wisconsin Unique Well Number (WUWN), just enter that in the top box and Search.
  • If your well was constructed before 1988, search only by Township, Range and Section. In the search results you will see these reports at the bottom of the list, and most additional fields (address, owner name, year constructed) are not filled in. You will need to open each “Image file” PDF on the left side to see the details about each well.
  • If your well was constructed 1988 or later, try searching by County and Well Address - use part of the street name, for instance if the address is 123 Main Street, try just “MAIN”. Alternatively, search by Owner Name, for example "JONES." The owner name represents the owner at the time of well construction.
  • Well construction reports are sometimes called well logs or well records.
  • All well construction reports (WCRs) for Wisconsin are stored in this data system. If your well was drilled within the last two months, the report may not be in the data system yet.
  • For some older wells, a report may not ever have been submitted. In these cases, contact a professional to measure the depth of your well, well casing and water level, along with the latitude, longitude and address. If you report this information to DNR, DNR will then create a well inventory report and assign a Wisconsin Unique Well Number (WUWN) for your well.
Well construction reports FAQ
  • How can I find out how deep my well is?
    • Search the database to find the WCR for your well. The report will indicate the drillhole depth and the casing depth. If you cannot find a WCR for your well, you can hire a licensed well professional to inspect the water supply system and measure the well depth for you.

  • Where do I find my Section/Township/Range information?
    • You can find this information on your property tax bill, in a plat book from your county, or click on the map in the database where your property is located.

  • Can I locate my well construction report using my tax parcel number?
    • No, the WCR data system does not use tax parcel numbers. Try entering other property information into the search boxes, or try using the map and searching by property address.

  • How can I find out my well yield or how many gallons per minute (gpm) of water supplies my house?
    • A WCR will only indicate the gpm of the initial test done when the well was drilled. You can hire a licensed well professional to inspect your water supply system and determine the current gpm or yield.

  • Where can I find a list of licensed well professionals in my area?
  • Where can I find information about the drinking water quality in my well or in an area of the state?
    • You can look up drinking water quality information in other databases available on the drinking water data page. You can also test your private well by collecting a sample and having it analyzed by a

    • certified laboratory.

  • I am buying/selling property and have questions about a well inspection.
  • More questions?

Search well records

Well Abandonment Reports

High Capacity Wells

Groundwater Levels

USGS measures groundwater levels on approximately 100 wells throughout Wisconsin.

Potential Contamination Sources

Potential contamination sources, including spill or remediation sites:

Additional Groundwater Data and Analyses

Additional groundwater data and analyses are available from:

Public Water Supply System Well Information

Construction reports and exact locations of public wells and high capacity wells are not available online for security reasons. If you need more detailed well locations, contact the Water System Security Officer.