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Wisconsin Master Logger Environmental Results Charter

Charter participant since 04/16/2012


The Wisconsin Master Logger program represents loggers from across Wisconsin that are committed to going beyond compliance in harvesting practices. These dedicated professionals demonstrate their commitment to sustainable forestry by practicing environmentally sound approaches. They ensure that timber is harvested with high sustainability standards to guarantee Wisconsin’s working forests continue to regenerate for this and future generations.

About the charter

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Master Logger program drafted this charter to establish a foundation by which voluntary methods will be used to improve forest management practices for consistent protection of the state's natural resources. These seven areas, listed below, also include standards and practices for each responsibility.

  1. Protection of water quality and soils.
  2. Compliance with government regulations appropriate to a logging business.
  3. Conformance with acceptable silviculture and utilization standards.
  4. Participation in ongoing training programs.
  5. Application of aesthetic management techniques where applicable.
  6. Following management plans that are site specific and agreed to by the landowner.
  7. Use of sound, ethical business management practices.

Charter participants

The following entities have signed the Wisconsin Master Logger Environmental Results Charter.

How to become a Master Logger

Many foresters belong to professional forestry organizations. Members of these organizations must meet education standards, follow principles of professional conduct and adhere to a code of ethics. Master Logger Certification (MLC©) is a performance-based program that formally recognizes those loggers who have attained the utmost level of training and experience and who demonstrate an unending commitment to sound forest stewardship. It is the highest form of professional recognition for the logging sector in the state.

Not anyone can be a master logger. Every master logger applicant must meet or exceed strict performance standards that fall under seven distinct areas of responsibility (see below). Their harvesting practices must pass a rigorous field audit and their operations must receive the unanimous approval of the Wisconsin MLC© certifying board. The certifying board is a diverse group of resource experts and stakeholders, all knowledgeable about the practice of sustainable forestry.

Once an individual becomes a master logger, they must be prepared to meet the same verification standards on all of their work. This is done through annual recertification and a complaint system that can trigger a re-visit from field verifiers. The purpose of this program is not just to hold loggers to a higher standard but to provide a gold standard that is recognizable by forest landowners and mills.

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Brian Zweifel
1500 N Johns St
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Kari Divine
Program Director
Sustainable Resources Institute, Inc.
337 Superior Ave
Crystal Falls, MI 49920