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Wisconsin's Great Waters 2019 Photo Contest and Writing Project

Winners and Submissions

The Office of Great Waters received more than 250 beautiful photos of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and the Mississippi River for the 2019 photo contest. Winning photographs werefeatured in the 2019-2020 "Wisconsin's Great Waters" calendar, which was distributed at DNR events, state parks, visitor centers and DNR regional offices throughout the state.

Video and Calendar

Check out a video of the winning photos and the 2019-2020 Wisconsin's Great Waters calendar.

2019 Winning Photographers

People Enjoying Our Great Waters


"Capture the Moment" by Kristine Hinrichs. Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse.

1st Place:
Kristine Hinrichs - Milwaukee, WI
2nd Place:
Karen Gersonde - Milwaukee, WI
Honorable Mention:
Nathan Farvour, Chuck Germain, Glenn A. Gierzycki, Wendi Huffman, Emily Kriner-Woodworth, Kevin O'Donnell, William A. Pohlmann, Titus Seilheimer, Mark Straub, Kathleen Wolleat

Cultural and Historical Features


"Super Moon Over Kewaunee Harbor" by Brent Hussin. Kewaunee.

1st Place:
Brent Hussin - Kewaunee, WI
2nd Place:
William A. Pohlmann - Cottage Grove, MN
Honorable Mention:
Brad Bellisle, Steve Bensing, Joseph Eichers, Art Eichmann, Glenn A. Gierzycki, Nancy Gill, Kevin O’Donnell, Tom Plank, Mark Straub, Kathleen Wolleat

Natural Features and Wildlife


"Arch of the Apostles" by Michael DeWitt. Stockton Island, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

1st Place:
Michael DeWitt - Ashland, WI
2nd Place (tie):
Michael DeWitt - Ashland, WI; Emil Toney - Oshkosh, WI
Honorable Mention:
Emily Bloomfield, Angela Botner, Wendi Butkovich, Michael DeWitt, Joseph Eichers, Art Eichmann, Nathan Farvour, Lawrence Johnson, Kevin O’Donnell, Philip Schwarz

Stewardship Activities


"Monarch on Bergamot" by Julie L. Kinzelman. Samuel Myers Park, Racine.

1st Place:
Julie L. Kinzelman
2nd Place:
Matt Jenson - Harris, MN
Honorable Mention:
Cheryl Bougie, Titus Seilheimer, Mark Straub

2019 Eligible Photo Submissions

Each category is a separate PDF file and each page corresponds to one submission.

2019 Writing Project Submissions

We received 18 lovely poems, short stories and creative writings from Wisconsin authors. Their work appears in our 2019-2020 Wisconsin's Great Waters calendar.